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Tiger Woods And His Wife

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

For keeping intact family Elin Nordegren wants to save marriageï¼?howeverï¼?Tiger woods wants to return to golf world .

While Elin Nordegren is desperate for their two kids to have a dad, Woods “wants to go back to being a golf star with major endorsements.”

“He wants his clients, who have kids of their own, to think he is a good family man.”

Woods, the insider said, had hoped that his wife’s furor over his serial philandering “would die down so they could discuss the situation and behave rationally.”

Instead, Woods has landed in a Mississippi sex-addiction clinic, and this week could make or break the marriage.

“This is the rough part where the patient has to admit to his wife that he cheated,” a former patient told.

Woods checked himself into the clinic earlier this month under orders from his management team and his wife.

“He didn’t want to go to rehab,” a source reported.

Since then, Woods has discovered the biggest challenge is not the “celibacy contract,” which bans all sexual contact while in treatment. It’s not being allowed to play golf.

“He’s used to going in this robot mode of hitting a ball over and over as a way to escape,” a source told Us. “He can’t do that now.”

While Woods is in therapy, Nordegren has reportedly been hanging at the crib of another high-profile athlete who is also down in the dumps – Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

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