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Traveling With Kids? You Can Rent What You Need?

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

   If you have ever traveled with children, especially your own, then you understand what patience is all about. After being asked “daddy are we there yet” for the 5th, 12th and even 20th time you may wish you opted for that DVD upgrade when you purchased your vehicle. Yes, at the time the extra $1200 seemed like too much for a TV with a 7” screen, but not now! There is still something to be said about peace of mind and you don’t have to spend $1200 to achieve traveling bliss with your family.

A portable DVD player can be rented for as little as $7.00 a day. It is definitely worth the price for back seat peace and front seat sanity. Some car rental dealers, like Budget Rent -A Car, will rent them to you as long as you are renting a car from them and you may be able to find one at your local video store. But, the best place to search for a local rental store that deals in portable DVD players is The Rental Search Engine. On you can geo-target a local rental company based on a keyword search. Simply type in what you need to rent and where you need it and does the rest.

Another headache when traveling on holidays with small children, especially baby’s, is where to put all their stuff. It amazes me how the smallest person usually requires the most space. You need a diaper bag, a bag for their clothes, plays things for the car and possibly the beach.  Maybe you bring their swing chair, high chair, playpen or even stroller. Once you load all that stuff into your vehicle you may find it difficult to find room for your own clothes and golf clubs are totally out of the question.

One thing you can do to assist with this problem is to connect with a rental company that deals in renting items for the little ones. Many of these baby specific rental companies offer delivery services to where you are staying, whether it is a hotel, a business or family a member’s home. A company that services Phoenix, Scottsdale and the Arizona metro areas is Sweet Pea Baby Rentals. They offer top quality rentals of cribs, high chairs, car seats, strollers, toys and more. Sweet Pea will also deliver and pick up the items you rent for free.

Little Traveler, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada rents the Child Aviation Restraint System or CARES for short. CARES is a harness-style child safety device from Kids Fly Safe. It is designed specially for airplanes and is certified in the US as having an equivalent level of safety to a car seat for all phases of flight. Among other baby rentals, this makes Little Traveler an excellent service to those flying to and from Calgary.

GoGo Baby, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, also rents all the baby items you could need. They even have suggestions on things to do with your baby while visiting Toronto. They will even be able to suggest fun things to do with-out your children. That is if you can get some “you” time while away on holidays. There are many baby rental stores through-out North America and it is just a matter of finding one, once you arrive to your destination. has numerous baby rental companies, across North America, who have listed their rentals, making it easy to connect with a local baby rental company while away from home. So next time you are traveling with your children visit to help find a local rental company. Because peace of mind is sometimes hard to come by, even while on vacation.

Jeff Longald is V.P of Sales and Marketing for Rental Search Engine.