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Tiger Woods affaire sound Mail To Rachel Uchitel

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Okay… I never anticipation I’d see the day that Tiger Woods activity would become a reality, but the day has appear wiht Rachel Uchitel. The articulation mail gives it abroad and Tiger doesn’t abjure it. His wife Elin is ambidextrous with so abundant and is heard to accept gotten their prenup adapted to accord her essentially added money and not in the aboriginal 10 year time period.

The best acclaimed amateur in our time, and acutely the richest, with a admirable wife and 2 children, but Tiger Woods is assuredly assuming he’s human, and fabricated a huge aberration with the activity to not alone Rachel Uchitel, but now additionally account is advancing out with addition women called Jaimee Grubbs.

Geez Tiger…can’t you anticipate with the “right head” for once? Tiger…you’ve adapted the golf apple as we see it today. You may lose all your accumulated sponsors, and the millions of bodies who admired you will no agnosticism accord it a additional thought, and abounding of them will now bead you like a “hot potato”.

I didn’t apperceive it, but Tiger’s activity with Rachel Uchitel has gone on for 21 months! Wow! During the bearing of his additional adolescent even. Tiger…that’s appealing acrid dude! If you weren’t happy…GET DIVORCED and move on dude!

Really….why aching so abounding bodies who believed in you? As Charles Barkely said, you charge to be a man, and face the media, and stop ambuscade abaft bankrupt doors like a little craven s*#@t. Accept what you’ve done, accomplish a PUBLIC acknowledgment aboriginal to your wife and children, again to the millions of bodies who accept accurate you through the years, and advice accomplish you rich.

Once you’ve done that, let the accessible adjudge if they appetite to still be a fan of yours. But my assumption is that’s not activity to happen. My guess, is that all the parents of those inferior golfers who admired you, will sit their kids bottomward and acquaint them what a actual bad affair you did, and that it’s NOT alright to do it.


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