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Finding the Perfect Family Vacation at the Perfect Price

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I have been in the travel business for 15yrs, and I am often asked the best times to travel to the Caribbean. My personal opinion is between the end of Thanksgiving thru December 19. The weather is great, the prices (especially this year) are low and the resorts are not crowded.

If you are parents of kids under 6, this could be perfect. However, for those of us who can not take our children out of school, we will have to deal with the extra expense of holiday travel, the long lines and crowded pools. Or do we?

As all of the deals pass my desk, I look for value and pick the best ones to share with my readers. I have NEVER seen prices this low for holidays and winter travel. Holiday travel usually is 3-4 times the regular rates, this year, it is the same or lower. If you still have your travel budget put aside – use it now, take advantage of these deals – because I have never seen rates like these before.

In thinking of family vacations, the first one that comes to mind is Club Med. Last time I was there, we still had to pay for drinks, now it is truly all inclusive – drinks, sports, you name it, it is included in the vacation cost. There are many resorts through out the Caribbean that I can recommend for families, but we will focus on Club Med right now, as their prices are phenomenal for the experience and memories the entire family will come home with.

If you do not feel like reading all of my descriptions – go straight to the deal, the best prices are from now to December 19, however, if you keep clicking, you will also find never before seen prices during the holidays and winter!

The basic deal is: 7 all-inclusive nights for the price of 3, which usually is $793per person ($114 a day).  Book by December 15 for travel between 9/15/08 – 4/25/09.

Kids Clubs:
Baby Zone 4mos -23mos: There is no day care for babies under two; however, when you make your reservation, you will tell them how old your children are so you are given the proper room and amenities. They will set you up in the “baby zone” including crib, changing table and all the comforts of home with a small baby.  Adapted to the nutritional needs of children, the meals are created by a team of specialist chefs from the Baby Restaurant. This Baby Restaurant is located in the Baby Club Med At the Baby Restaurant, the G.O® takes on the entire responsibility of lunch but parents can share this time with their child(ren) if they wish.  Children ages 2-4 can utilize the “Petit Club Med”, this is a parents; dream day care center. There is an additional charge for this day care.

Kids 4-10yrs old “Mini Club Med”: this is where if gets really fun and different! This club and all others are included in the basic price. The children are divided up into their age groups and given a plethora of activities to choose from whether it is learning how to sail, flying trapeze, and crafts are playing in the Kids only pool. The staff is dedicated and will teach the children new skills for sports, circus, crafts, etc..

Tweens & Teens: In my former life as a travel agent – these are the ones who had the most fun at Club Med. The activities are perfect for each age group ranging from water sports, learning how to be a DJ and mix, hip hop dancing, hang out rooms, teen only activities at night. There is even a theatre class where children can perform at the end of the week. These kids have a blast and the beauty is you do not have to worry about them as they are always somewhere on the property and there is always staff around to keep an eye on them.

Club Meds Best for Families that are part of this great deal:
Sandpiper: Located in Florida, a bit North of Palm Beach, easy to get to, but once you are there; you are in complete vacation mode. This Club Med has all the kids clubs from babies to teens. Sandpiper is a great, inexpensive short, family get away. Though you are still in the states, you will completely feel like you are away from it all as you feel that Club Med vibe as soon as you walk in. There are special family rooms, a kids room and an adults room; golf for the adults, five swimming pools and more.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: All the rooms are large suite like rooms – with different sizes depending on the family size. Renovated Resort with a long private beach bordered by palm trees. Circus school for the little ones, flying trapeze or fitness for adults. From babies of 4 months (at Baby Club Med® – extra charge) to teens, a club devoted to every age. Relax in the sun by the pool or through massages and treatments at the Club Med Spa (extra charge for spa).

Cancun, Mexico: This used to be a run down Club Med for singles – but not anymore! As the newest upscale discovery resort, Cancun Yucatan offers something decidedly different. Enjoy a free excursion and discovery the wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula with your family.
They offer luxurious Jade Suites, with an exclusive bar, concierge, room service and other upgraded amenities. Let your ‘teens and tweens hang out at their very own clubhouse while you take a cooking class. Enjoy an evening Mini Club MedTM performance, where your 4 year old presents a folklore dance on stage. Discover new cosmopolitan flavors at any of the three innovative restaurants at your own speed—Cancun Yucatan provides gourmet dining to satisfy your cravings at any hour.

Ixtapa, Mexico – On the West side of Mexico, easier to get to if you are in the South West or West Coast, this is the newest of the Club Med family. Facing the Pacific Ocean, an elegant hacienda it is coined as “The happiness of having a taste of everything”. The architecture hacienda style offers a new type of elegance.

In summary, if you want a Island type, but different kind of family get away, where you know the kids will have fun and you will relax and try new sports, take advantage of this sale before all the rates go up again.

Whether it is a 3 day weekend from $250pp or weeks’ vacation, from $350pp, take advantage of these incredible prices – if you add up everything included – you will see the savings!

Kangaroo Valley Australia is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

In a village of fewer than four hundred people one might expect to find little to attract tourists except tranquility. On the contrary, Kangaroo Valley and surrounding areas provide plenty of adventure for individuals, families and couples. Simply come with a respectful attitude for this clean, visitor friendly neighbourhood where stars sometimes find their rural get away and residents seek to go green.

Accommodations include many bed and breakfast or guest house options. Some boast pools, while others focus on tending an attractive and carefully appointed garden where guests can relax with a cup of tea or a pair of binoculars. Think of something you want from lodging, such as spa treatments or gourmet food, and expect to find it here.

Some guests may come just for the golf, in which case a stay at the golf club makes sense. Here you can wake up, eat, play golf, eat some more. Take a break for a game of tennis or a swim in the pool if your eyes were too big for your stomach where golfing was concerned.

Fishing lures visitors in search of bass along the Kangaroo River or Tallowa Dam. Book a tour or set out on your own. Bring binoculars too: scenery and wildlife could yield stunning views and exquisite photos. Remember to keep an eye out for wombats.

Fishing can take place from a canoe or kayak if you trust your skills. Families can arrange for guided tours just to admire their choice of holiday location. Where calm water permits, very small children and disabled visitors can safely join the tour too and leave it to knowledgeable locals to point out the sights. Then again, if you feel more comfortable on land opt for walking, cycling or horseback riding.

Pioneer Park Museum displays artifacts from a vanished era. Show kids the bush school so as to contrast its few bare necessities with the luxuries modern schools provide. Mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century displays include an old dairy and saddlery. Kids may get a thrill from the swinging bridge that leads to bush walks along reserve land. Another area attraction is the spectacular amphitheatre built from sandstone.

Yawarra Estate Winery makes award winning wines such as a Walnut Dessert variety, Chambourcin and the citrus flavours of Semillon. Make this stop for a tasting following your picnic lunch or a visit to one of the local cafes or restaurants. Be sure to stop at stores selling fudge or the olive growers for some tangy products, though perhaps in reverse order.

Kangaroo Valley attracts wedding parties to their lush, green locale. Splendid for photos, the town also facilitates groups of all sizes both indoors and out. Take advantage of being close to Sydney and Canberra for wedding-day needs such as the cake, dress and flowers while getting away from the city itself for your big day. After the newlyweds leave, guests might want to stay here for a spot of shopping, perhaps in local art galleries where hidden treasures wait to be found.

If planning a holiday down the NSW South Coast, find a range of Kangaroo Valley accommodation nsw, attractions and other travel related information about this holiday area.

How To Develop A Perfect Golf Swing To Improve Your Game

Monday, June 21st, 2010

If you are going to be playing golf any time soon then you are going to need more then just agility. You are going to need to be totally limber and focused on the game or you are not going to do so well. Even though you may not need endurance during a game of golf you will need to be focused the entire time and not over swing and get nervous or your game is done. If you want to get a good score and win games then you need to get your swing down, a perfect swing is the missing piece that you need to win a game. If you cannot make a good swing then you will not be able to play the game. You need to be able to swing the club perfect before you start playing real games. You will want to play not having to keep buying balls every hole. Just get your swing down to perfection and then you can start playing games of golf. There isn’t anything more important in golf then getting your swing down.

So if you and your family love to golf and you have kids then you should think about sending your kids to golf school there are numerous schools across the country to go to. If you still can at least hit the ball win you swing then these schools won’t be able to teach you much. The golf swing needs everything to work together to make one thing work your golf swing. Your upper body needs to be inline and you just need to be focused when you are about to make a swing.

When you are about to make a swing your feet should almost always be shoulder length apart in your stance if they are not then you need to make them that way. If you are using a wider club then you can spread your feet a few more inches apart. If you are using a shorter club then you will need your feet to be closer together. You will just want to have a god stance when you are about to swing. Having proper stance in golf is what having a perfect swing means if you do not have a good stance then you is not going to have a pretty swing.

Your arms and legs need to work together to help you swing to the fullest. If not then you are going to have one ugly swing. Your hands and wrists then need to work together as well to perform a nice swing. After you have all your body parts aligned and you are ready to swing be sure that you have your stance correct and then you can begin to make your swing. Your swing needs to be to the stance of the club so make sure that you are swinging with the right stance when you are playing a game of golf. The longer the club the wider the stance the shorter the club the smaller the stance.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his 18 year old son in Jensen Beach, Florida. Find more about golfing as well as golf equipment at

Perfect golf vacation needs proper planning

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

By contacting a travel agent or any online travel site, this would be a good place to start off with your golf vacation itinerary. Golfers would want to find a course that will be challenging enough for them, not to mention the feel of the environment, as well as the people they would eventually meet at the course. For amateurs, golf lessons are always a plus in every golf club, where professionals give lessons and play a round or two of golf leisurely. One tip is to check out websites and brochures for exact locations on where to plan your next golf vacation, whether you are an amateur or not.
A package deal including hotel accommodations, golf lessons for amateurs and other related rewards are usually available for golfers to somewhat personalize their golf vacation. With this sport, there is no particular age limit, unlike some. Kids can learn, as well as seniors who would like to spend some time outdoors and exercise at the same time. Seeing no age limits, golf really is an enjoyable sport for all ages and the more you pay, adding a touch of a few good tips, then one will gradually improve their game of golf.
When planning for your perfect golf vacation, it is also best to consider the weather conditions at the time of your vacation. Of course, no one would want to play golf on a windy day, nor a freezing afternoon. The weather plays a big part in playing golf and if ever you are just an amateur, it would be quite difficult to play without having the right weather condition.
Every golfer’s dream would consist of a whole weekend of just playing golf, enjoying the game, and relaxing all at the same time. This would be a perfect golf vacation—but for other golfers, this may not be too easy to plan out. Of course, like any other vacations, the perfect golf vacation needs proper planning; this of course includes fun with your own interests as well.
Even if you play golf once in a while, a golf vacation is a good way to relax and just enjoy the great outdoors. Like professional golf players, amateur players play for the same reasons—checking out different golf courses available in and around their area, and of course, for the love of the game. As for all sports, the more you play it, the better you will be in it every time. So it might be better to bring the right clubs for the right course, and so on—every golfer knows about this, and now the planning begins.
Whether you are an amateur or a professional, golf is intended really for relaxation and enjoyment. This sport requires concentration so be sure that you have yours. Next stop: the perfect golf vacation!

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Junior Golf Drivers – Perfect For Younger Players

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Junior golf drivers and all junior clubs are ideal for the young golf enthusiast in your family who is keen to take up the sport and master their game on an ongoing basis. These day’s junior golf drivers are the perfect option for kids, as they give them quality equipment but at a fraction of the price of the adult sized and more expensive products.

There is no shortage of golf drivers for kids that are of high quality, both in terms of performance and durability. The key to a young person having on course success is knowing what to look for in terms of kids drivers and where to find a junior golf drivers set.

Ultimately it is wise to invest in junior golf drivers that have durability and reliability. This normally means you should purchase a well known name brand such as Us Kids Golf, La Jolla or Nike. Thankfully, you can usually locate name brand junior golf drivers through great online deals via the Internet.

One thing to remember when looking for a club for juniors is to keep in mind the overall size of the child using the equipment. A very big no-no that almost puts the child at a disadvantage is taking an older adult driver and having it cut down and regriped for the child to use. Doing this throws off the weight distribution and balance of the club itself making it even harder for the child to hit correctly. It’s much better for the child’s confidence and overall game to spend a little money to get a driver designed specifically for juniors.

So what should you buy? Well this really depends on the age of your child. Kids drivers come in varying sizes and lengths depending on the age bracket that you child fits in. La Jolla for instance offers kids drivers in groups aged 5-7 and 10-12 while Nike offers kids drivers in terms of a child’s height rather than their age. The Nike Blue Bird range of kids drivers for example, are clubs that have a design that allows for greater distance when to compensate for the smaller swing.

When searching for junior golf drivers it is best to use an internet site that offers useful benefits to you, the customer. In particular, you want to ensure that they offer full refunds and returns on any kids drivers and other accessories if necessary. Some companies even offer free delivery for purchases of junior golf drivers over a certain value. Many sporting sites online, offer seasonal promotions in line with golf tournaments and special golfing events such as the US Open, and this is a prime opportunity for you to really save on golf drivers for kids and other key golf equipment.

Article courtesy of, where you get the answers you need about golf equipment, apparel, tips and more. Check out junior golf drivers for more great golf equipment ideas.

The Only Way To Perfect Your Golf Swing Mechanics Is By Investing Into Your Own Time And Energy!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

When you’re working on your golf game at the driving range, start with the necessary preparations of doing your stretching exercises first.Then begin slowly with a golf club that doesn’t take much of your energy.Continue taking your time hitting golf balls, and breath in the fresh air by relaxing. You don’t have to keep pounding golf balls to the point your exhausted, and you’re hurting from swelling in your fingers,hands,legs or lower back joint muscles.

It’s good to work on your golf swing, but it doesn’t have to be a workout like you would get at the gym. If you would only take your time, you can learn a lot by just watching other golfers swinging and mishitting their golf balls all over the driving range area.

I will watch for the different methods golfers will use when they swing their golf clubs, and some of the golf swings are fairly good, but others need a whole lot of work. I usually think to myself that if only they could change the way they practiced they would become so much better golfers.

What do you need to do in order to practice the correct golf swing mechanics? If you’re going to work on your golf swing then every golf club in your bag needs to be used practicing. “That is the number one problem” I see with the vast majority of all golfers on the driving range hitting golf balls today.Their only focus is about using their drivers, and trying to hit the golf ball out of the driving range area.

They’re there to hit the snot out of the golf ball, so that they can brag how far they hit it to their golfing buddies. If this is what your doing, then I have some bad news for you. You’ll never improve your golf swing mechanics.

You won’t be able to improve unless you commit yourself to spending as much time as possible to every part of your golf game. You need to dedicate yourself to hitting one golf ball at a time, with every golf swing thought being fundamentally sound. You can’t expect to do anything in life unless your passionate about investing your time and energy into improving oneself.

What should you do? This means you need to forget about concentrating on just your driver at the driving range. A driving range should in fact be referred too as a practice range as you are there to practice on your golf swing mechanics only. You want to develop a correct golf swing that you can take it out onto the golf course without needing to give it any swing thoughts during your golf round.

If you have just been striking golf balls after balls on the driving range and your golf swing is getting worse. You need to stop whatever your doing! So how does a golfer know when his golf swing mechanics is correct or incorrect? Have you ever heard that practicing doesn’t make perfect it makes permanent. It’s True!

Do you want to lower your golf scores? Then you must invest into something worthwhile that will improve your golf swing. That would be Medicus the #1 swing trainer aid in the world. The Medicus Learning System is dedicated to assisting golfers of all ages. “Master the Basics” of golf through a consistent process of education, training and practice.

Golfers in the past had to rely on the theories and interpretations of their teaching professional, and from books and videos which gave conflicting information. All these have led to the confusion, frustration and inconsistency of the golfer.

If you truly believe that you can work out your golfing swing flaws on your own without some type of training aids, then you’re only kidding yourself. What do you expect? Just when you think you might have solved part of your golfing problems, your work in fixing the problem is done, and another problem will show its ugly head. Leading to more confusion, frustration and inconsistency.

Wouldn’t it be better to follow a step by step system that takes you through the various components of the golf swing and explains them in a way that you can better understand? That is why Medicus developed a comprehensive series of golf training aids.

I also recommend finding a good local teaching professional. It doesn’t hurt to receive lessons when you are struggling with your golf game. I especially recommend it for newbies who are interested in improving their golf swing so that they can take it out onto the golf course with them.

Get someone to teach you the fundamentals and then work hard at it. Golf is one of the hardest and most frustrating games to play. It is an individual game unlike team sports where you can rely on your teammates. When you are playing it’s based solely on your own skills and experience.

That is why over 80% of all people picking up the game will never break 100. In order to shoot lower scores the only way to accomplish this is by putting in the time for practicing and devoting oneself to patience and persistency. You’re never too old to change your attitude about your golf swing.

How good can you become? It’s based upon how much you want improvement. Many golfers including myself have worked diligently by practicing all of the time. After I got onto the golf team there was plenty of help through personal coaching and watching video tapes of myself. Still I would invest the time on the driving range 3 to 4 hours/day. Then play 18 holes at the college’s home course. Practicing with every club in my bag.

That is how I went from barely breaking 80 to shooting consistently in the mid 70’s. Then I took it up one notch further and played competitive golf in college golf tournaments. This is where you’ll learn if you have a golf swing that will hold up under pressure. By playing competitively using a handicap or playing scratch this can only improve your self-confidence overall.

Many golfers when they first begin to play golf find it a problem to get their golf swing right. The troubles they encounter is that even when it looks correct they still cannot seem to progress at the rate that they would like to. In order to improve their golf swing mechanics and lower their overall scores, they tend to believe by playing more, their golf swing will naturally improve on its own. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Instead their golf game seems to be stuck and they have no idea on how to improve. Very often the trouble is that they have never taken the time to learn the proper way to swing a golf club. Many golfers mistakenly believe that a good looking golf swing is the key to their golfing success.

It’s not enough just to look as though you are as good as the next golfer or comparing yourself to what’s on TV. Just because your golf swing looks good doesn’t mean that you have the proper golf swing mechanics that can benefit you. This is a skill that can take a very long time to master and even then you will probably never know everything.

After you have selected an instructor and a swing technique, it is now time to practice what you have been learning. Again, it isn’t as simple as just hitting golf balls out there. You’ve been shown certain mechanics that you need to now incorporate into your golf swing. The only way to implement this is by doing lots of practice golf swings in front of a mirror or at the practice range.

By doing lots of practice swings, your muscles will memorize your new golf swing mechanics, so that you can do them consistently when you begin hitting real golf shots out on the golf course. By just hitting golf balls down at the driving range, you will keep reverting back to your old golf swing habits.

In my many years of trying to work out and perfect my own golf swing, I didn’t see it clearly until I went through this online golf program. When I accepted the simplicity of the natural golf swing that I was taught, and I related it to my own golf swing, the pieces began to fit together.

It’s all about my favorite topic. In order to improve your golf swing mechanics, you must invest in your own self, the time and energy at the practice range. In order to improve golf swing you must first analysis, understand and implement the changes needed. You can do this with the help of training aids that can be found at my website. Website: Author:Scott E. Kowalski

Flammer Golf Training Aid – How It Helps You Perfect Your Swings

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Wide, consistent swings are what you need in order for your game to come in under par. Thatâ??s why you need a Flammer Golf Training Aid to assist you in keeping your one arm straight and the other arm bent at just the right angle. The Flammer Golf Training Aid is an adjustable harness that ensures correct ball contact. It helps you troubleshoot problems you are having with your swing. The Flammer Golf Training Aid straps on your body waist to chest. The entire mechanism works with your whole body to ensure quality swings.

The Flammer Golf Training Aid was developed by Mike Austin, a coach and professional golf player. The Flammer Golf Training Aid was designed to give you the feel of a correct golf swing. Incorrect swings feel uncomfortable and clumsy. The Flammer Golf Training Aid will give you the results of a better swing arc and swing plane while, through repeated use, help you develop a trained reflex pattern necessary for power hits and good scoring.

Used right or left handed, the Flammer Golf Training Aid attaches to the sternum using a simple clip-on harness. From the breastplate reaches an adjustable rod which attaches to your golf club at the top of your grip. This ensures a proper swing every time. With a controlled swing pattern, the Flammer Golf Training Aid prevents over-cocking of the wrists and teaches the player to release power at the point of impactâ??right at the ball.

Other benefits the Flammer Golf Training Aid has:
â?¢ Develop a correct golf swing
â?¢ Assure the correct position of, hands, wrists, forearms,
shoulders, torso, and the plane through which they move.
â?¢ Eliminate over-cocking, over pronation
â?¢ Develop precision hitting and co-ordination.
â?¢ Eliminate the “Cut-Across”
â?¢ Eliminate the smothered hooks
â?¢ Eliminate the shoulder wobble
â?¢ Eliminate the left arm collapse
â?¢ Train the reflexes to control the club-head and release the power through impact area
â?¢ Keep the club face in perfect position throughout the swing, which means square to the points on the swing circle through which it moves.
The Flammer Golf Training Aid is essential for any golfer to have. With all of its benefits, itâ??s no wonder it has become one of the most popular golf training aids in the world. The Flammer Golf Training Aid is as popular today as it was when it was first introduced. Millions of people around the world have used this training to device precisely to improve their golf swings, thus ultimately, improving their overall scores. The Flammer Golf Training Aid helped them and now it can help you. Give it a try!

Improve on your game with Flammer training accessories
546 words

A good swing is a basic golf technique and you cannot have a decent play without a good swing. The training accessory for this from Flammer keeps one arm absolutely straight while the other bent to just the right degree to execute a perfect swing. It is a basic harness that ensures that the club strikes the golf ball at the right angle. This aid will no doubt help you make corrections to your basic swing technique. The gadget straps on to your waist and thus helps you adjust your whole body to get that perfect swing every time.

Mike Austin, who has been a professional golfer for many years, and also a trainer, has designed this swing accessory. It basically trains you to get the feel for the perfect swing. If your movement is not perfect, the accessory kind of gets in the way and makes you feel uncomfortable. It helps you develop the right arc and plane for your swings and repeated use will help you perfect your swing, after which you will no longer need to use the trainer. This is much like using training wheels when learning to use a childrenâ??s bicycle â?? after some time the kid no longer needs the third wheel.

The Flammer golfing aid can be used by left-handers as well as right handed players, and it straps on to the body with a harness. The top of the golf club attaches to an arm connected to the waist. The arm of course, allows you to only swing in one arc, so if you steer off course it will make you uncomfortable. The trainer teaches you to swing correctly, and prevents you to over cock on the wrist. Once you have the swing perfected you will be able to release full power at precisely the right time, that is, when you connect with the ball.

This handy gadget could also help you :
â?¢ Firstly, the swing of course
â?¢ Helps improve the position of all body parts in order to execute the perfect swing.
â?¢ Get rid of over cocking and too much force at the wrong time
â?¢ Helps you fine tune precise hits.
â?¢ Helps you get rid of cut â?? across hits
â?¢ You will no longer have smothered hooking
â?¢ Helps you prepare your shoulders and make them steady
â?¢ Gets rid of the left arm collapse that troubles many beginners
â?¢ It gets your reflexes get prepared to release power at the precise time of impact of club on ball
â?¢ Helps you position your club head correctly through the whole action

This Flammer golf accessory is a must have for any golfer, not necessarily just a beginner. It is on the top of the list of all training material available for golfers. It has stood the test of time, and remains as popular at the present, as it ever was. Many many people have used this training gadget to improve their swing, which of course has a direct impact on their score cards at the end of the day. This gadget has helped so many people around the world, there is no room left for doubt that it can help you improve your swing as well.

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