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How to Make Your Kids Happy—Buy Real Estate in Mexico!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

By: Jim Scherrer

As parents, we all strive to raise good, productive, and happy kids. This goal is so important that there have been numerous articles and books written by psychologists and other experts in the field dedicated to the subject of raising children.

Most of the experts agree that giving kids anything they want, when they want it, only leads to spoiling them. Instead of creating happiness, this practice all too often leads to disappointment; kids that expect every wish to be fulfilled eventually find  insecurity, inability to make decisions, low frustration tolerance, low self esteem, disregard for others, unappreciativeness, and general unhappiness. Most experts suggest that gifts to kids should be made when they are deserved or when the kids are mature enough to be appreciative.

The experts also agree that spending more quality time with your children is one of the key factors to raising psychologically healthy and happy kids. Sharing thoughts and stories during idle time, enjoying healthy activities out in the sun, and discussing plans, strategies, and goals creates lifelong bonds which lead to truly happy kids.

Okay, so how long should we try to satisfy our kids? As we all know, we of course want to make them happy during their entire lifetime; itâ??s never too late to please the kids! Now, enough for making our kids happy; letâ??s think about how we can simultaneously make ourselves happy!

As we approach retirement, in all probability, the kids are pretty well grown up and their personalities have already been shaped. However, itâ??s still not too late to please them while at the same time correct some of the mistakes that might have made while raising them by paying attention to and spoiling the grandkids!

Can you think of a better place to enjoy the kids and grandkids than in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? Just imagine, you retire to a beautiful new condo in PV with jaw-dropping views of the Sierra Madres and Banderas Bay and you have nothing better to do than play golf, tennis, fish, or just relax poolside under the sun with a cool one in hand. What better gift for yourself and your kids than to have them visit your little Paradise south of the border during the Christmas/New Year holiday period, a birthday celebration, or perhaps some other special occasion?

In Vallarta, the seven month â??high seasonâ? of November through May offers perfect weather with an average daily temperature of 73*F and virtually no rain. The abundance of activities for young and old will allow you and your family to have the time of your life together. The only time the kids will be unhappy will be when they have to return back home to the â??real worldâ? and face the hectic stresses of routine daily life.

Keep in mind, Vallarta is situated on the same latitude as Hawaii yet it is only 2-4 hours away from the kids. There are four modern hospitals in town staffed with well qualified and trained English speaking doctors that can handle just about every problem that a geezer is apt to encounter. The entire community is clean and safe with most of the condo complexes staffed with 24 hour security. Modern supermarkets and shopping malls are located throughout the city; high speed internet, satellite TV, VOIP telephone service, and all the other amenities that youâ??re accustomed to are also readily available in Vallarta. Fine dining, limitless activities, clubs, and organizations for retirees (sorry, no shuffleboard!) will guarantee you never have a dull moment, unless you wish to have one!

For most of us, the key to enjoying retirement life to its maximum in Vallarta is to live in a community near other retirees with common interests. There are numerous condo complexes in Vallarta where the majority of residents are from the US and Canada. Most of these complexes are quite secure and are located either on one of the beaches or on one of the hillsides overlooking the beaches. They are almost universally within minutes of all the activities and of course, all offer world class views and sunsets.

Due to the fact that the local developers overbuilt during the past decade and then got hit by the global recession (and border town drug war news along with the swine flu media hype), there is currently a glut of more than 7,000 new condos on the market in PV from which you can select your retirement nest. With the supply of condos far exceeding the demand, itâ??s the best buyerâ??s market in Vallarta that weâ??ve seen in a generation.

Beautiful new beachfront and hillside condos are being sold today at near pre-construction prices; not much more than the cost of construction. With the recent availability of Mexican mortgages, these incredible condos are well within the reach of most everyone nearing retirement. This opportunity should be especially attractive to Canadians as their dollar continues to strengthen over time. 

As they say, all good things must come to an end; we all will pass on and when we do, the kids will probably be near retirement age. Hopefully, this will be a sad occasion for them however inheriting a beautiful condo in Puerto Vallarta will surely ease the pain! Since the title to the Mexican condo is held by a Mexican bank in a 50 year trust with your kids as the beneficiaries, it will automatically pass on to them. Regarding inheritance taxes; weâ??ll leave that matter up to you and your tax attorney-think about it! Last, but not least, this will be the ultimate gift to the kids and allow them to regain their happiness as they begin their own retirement planning.

So, come on down to this Mecca south of the border and check out the real estate opportunities that await you. In doing so, youâ??ll have the best time of your life; while self indulging, youâ??ll also make your kids really happy!

Jim Scherrer has owned property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 26 years and resided there for the past twelve years. The mission of his series of more than 60 articles pertaining to retirement in Puerto Vallarta is to reveal the recent changes that have occurred in Vallarta while dispelling the misconceptions about living conditions in Mexico. For the full series of articles regarding travel to and retirement in Vallarta as well as pertinent Puerto Vallarta links, please visit us at Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers‘ Agents

Golf in New Mexico, the Splendor of the Land

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Golf in New Mexico, the Splendor of the Land

If you’re heading to Carlsbad Caverns or the chic galleries of Santa Fe, golf in New Mexico, once a word-of-mouth secret among avid golfers, is a secret no longer.

With 4 distinct destinations for golfing in the Land of Enchantment, each one of them boasts about the many course that are located in each area. Not like other parts of the country, golf in New Mexico is at a fair value for high desert golfing. Go to Phoenix in the winter months and see how much you pay for golf there, that is not the case in New Mexico. If you would like to challenge yourself with courses that challenge your shot making ability but are still fair and at the same time see some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States, then New Mexico golf is something you have to try.

Golf New Mexico’s Northern areas: Play some of the most exciting golf, while winding through some of the beautiful high desert plateau regions. The modified desert-links style courses of Black Mesa golf club that is near Espanola, then Taos country club are some of the finest and challenging that you will play. But we can’t forget Marty Sanchez Links de Santa fe as another of the fine northern section golf courses.There are many fine golf courses in the northern section of New Mexico. Taos country club located high in the nothern mountains will challenge every aspect of your game. Black Mesa golf club that is located north of Santa Fe near Espanola is one of the best target golf courses in the state. A great public course located in Santa Fe is Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe. This course is not that long but it is tough. All of these courses are a modified desert-links style that winds across the high plateau. There are a couple of course in the Taos area and a nice mountain course that is east of Taos is Angel Fire golf club. South of Santa Fe is Pueblo de Cochiti Golf Course, a Robert Trent Jones Jr. design recently updated by his son, Robert Trent Jones III.

Central area for golfing in New Mexico: Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club east of Albuquerque, Twin Warriors Golf Club and Santa Ana Golf Club, as well as Sandia Golf Club, all north of town, offer resort golf, with Paa-Ko being the crown jewel of the bunch. The NCAA has visited Albuquerque in the past and played there championships at the University of New Mexico Championship golf course. Now this is a great test of golf due to the hills that roll across the course and is just a few minutes away from the rental car center at the Albuquerque Sunport airport. Only seven minutes south on Interstate 25 is the 27-hole Isleta Eagle Golf Course, part of the Isleta Casino & Resort.

Southeast section for golfing in New Mexico: Remember Billy the Kid, well Lincoln county N.M. is where he roomed. Ruidoso is in the middle of where Billy did most of his gun slinging. Nearby are the Links at Sierra Blanca, Rainmakers, Cree Meadows and the Inn of the Mountain Gods, a Ted Robinson design. All are mountain courses rising and falling through Ponderosa pines. Most people have heard of Roswell, NM. This is the home of the alien crash in 1947 and also the home of two great courses. They are the New Mexico Military Institute and Spring River. In the town made famous by the caverns, Carlsbad host a great muni course called the Lake Carlsbad golf course.

Southern section for Golfing in New Mexico: Between Las Cruces and Socorro, N.M., lie a handful of true bargains, starting with New Mexico Tech Golf Course, a tight parkland layout in Socorro. Farther south on Interstate 25 in Elephant Butte, N.M., Sierra del Rio Golf Course follows the folds of the Sonorran Desert. Traveling south from Elephant Butte to Las Cruces we have the New Mexico State University golf course and the Sonoma Ranch Golf club.Located south of Las Cruces is the beautiful Butterfield Trail which is located in El Paso, Texas. This is the only tom Fazio design in all directions for hundreds of miles.

Out of the way but worth the drive if you want to explore golf in New Mexico elsewhere: Pinon Hills Golf Course in Farmington, N.M., in the Four Corners area; Silver City Golf Course in the Southwest New Mexico; west from Albuquerque about 40 miles is Grants, New Mexico and the Coyote del Malpais golf course.

Golfing in New Mexico is great. These courses mentioned are some of the best around.

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