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Sprawling Residential Layout Fantastic Amenities And Swanky New Clubhouses – Just Some Of The Amenities Offered By Oakland County Private Country Club

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Oakhurst has always been providing exceptional experiences to its customers especially when it comes to golf. The sprawling Oakland County Private Golf Courses come replete with 18 magnificent holes interspersed with over 500 homes set in a picturesque and panoramic view. As if this was not enough, now there are brand new Oakland County Private Clubsopening at the hillside overlooking the fantastic wooded hills of Southeast Michigan. If you want the best of residential, golf, tennis, swimming, wellness and much more, this facility is ideal for you.

Gated Community

The advantage about Oakland County Country Clubsis that this is a gated community with gorgeous homes, scenic vistas and the finest golf courses in Southeast Michigan. The family-oriented neighborhood, 800 acres of natural forests and bordering the most beautiful marshlands, the Oakland County Private Clubs are everything you ever wanted from a residential facility. When it comes to superior golf course living, the Oakland County Private Golf Courses offer unparalleled amenities. All homes are available at a range of budgets right from low-end 300 dollar mark to even 1 million dollars! Whether yours is a family or you are single or if the kids have left, the Oakland County Private Country Clubs offer the perfect homes set in perfect locations. The added advantage of a family atmosphere as well as kid-friendly neighborhood makes this the perfect place to stay.

World of Amenities

Privacy coupled with meticulous placement of these golf homes makes the Oakland County Private Golf Courses the ideal choice for golf lovers. The open feel of the course and location of houses on forested perimeter regions as well as the fact that the open area is not directly flanked by homes entails better conditions for playing golf.

The Club

The newly opened Oakland County Country Clubs offer a wealth of amenities and privileges for dwellers. Right from golf, which has always remained the forte of the neighborhood to tennis, swimming, fine dining, wellness center, youth services, banquet services, there is a lot to look forward to at the Oakland County Private Clubs. The Oakland County Tennis Clubs come replete with 200 acres of sprawling land, panoramic views overlooking wooded forests in Southeast Michigan, 4 hard courts, 2 clay courts, inter-club and league-play competitions, USPTA pro, fellowships, social functions and many more. Another facility offered at Oakland County Country Clubsis the swimming amenities. Replete with swim coach, certified lifeguards, swimming lessons, water aerobics, diving clinics, adult fitness programs with swimming, there are many amenities when it comes to swimming.

Dining and Banquet

The banquet services at Oakland County Private Clubshas an exquisite veranda perfect for a relaxing ambience, spacious banquet rooms suited for showers, birthday parties, business meetings, weddings, holiday parties etc. and the scenic views of rolling hills of the fabulous Oakland County Private Golf Courses. All details of an event are carefully executed to create special memories. The fine dining facilities at Oakland County Private Country Clubspromise the best cuisines, new and fresh items on the menu each day as well as popular fare like appetizers, salads, sandwiches etc.

The extensive wine selection and in-built wine storage facility coupled with wine tasting events held at the Oakland County Private Golf Coursesmake this neighborhood the perfect place to stay in.

A Golf School Vacation isnt Just for the Big Boys Anymore

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

A golf school vacation has become more than just a getaway for men who love the game of golf. Traditionally, golf had always been more or less a mans sport, but move over, men! Both women and children are jumping onboard the golf bandwagon, and there are golf school vacations that are designed with both of these groups in mind.

Just like a golf school vacation for adults, childrens golf school vacations include intense instruction from the worlds leading golfers, most of whom are PGA members and former tour champions. These package deals are designed with families in mind, since children cannot usually travel and stay in hotels on their own! Usually with these golf packages, everything that a junior golfer and his family could need is included, including dining, green fees, hotel accommodations, and oftentimes, small little extra incentives are included, maybe a free meal at the resort or a free extra session with a professional.

Many resorts that cater to childrens golf school vacations also have things like kids clubs and activities and nature tours, allowing the children to experience and appreciate the surrounding areas beyond the greens. They also might offer free transportation for families to nearby attractions or something like family golfing deals.

Other things that are usually included in the package deal price for golf school vacation are taxes and fees associated with the stay. Children are treated not as adults during a golf school vacation, but just as they are kids who want to play golf! Being such, resorts that host a golf school vacation understand well the need for children and their families to have plenty of options when it comes to things to do when the golfing is finished for the day. Activities that kids and their families would enjoy surround the golf resorts, such as shopping, dining, mini golf courses, in line skating, fishing, and plenty of playgrounds and play areas. There are frequently sightseeing attractions nearby as well, such as museums and points of interest.

When calling a golf resort for information about a golf school vacation, make sure to ask how many people a quoted price covers. Most often, the price associated with the golf school for children includes 2 adults and the junior golfer. For extra people or children who will not be participating in the golf school vacation, there are minimal extra fees. Reservations for golf school vacation programs are absolutely required; the schools need to know how many children will be participating, because there is a minimum number of kids required to go ahead and hold the school lessons.

If you have a child who is interested in playing golf, whether they be beginners or older, more advanced players, contact one of the great golf schools near your projected vacation destination and find out what they can do not only for your little golfers game, but for your familys vacation as well.

To know more about Golf School Vacation please visit our website.

Japanese Iwako Erasers – Not Just Collectibles For Kids

Friday, June 11th, 2010

These cute little Japanese erasers are taking America by storm. In high demand not just from kids but adult collector’s too. Everyone is trying to finish their collections.

The fad first started in Japan where the Hamster eraser became all the rage and the most wanted by school kids who were collecting every color and trading with friends. Now with demand rising by American kids they are all the rage with school age kids in almost every state. But it’s not just the kids, these adorable little Japanese erasers are stealing the hearts of many adults.

With miniatures of everything from the Hamster eraser, The Fast Food collection, to the Garden Erasers adults are falling for these gems as fast as the kids are. There is even a golf club set.

Parents are find Japanese Erasers a make great party gifts for birthdays, holidays, and summer get togethers and teachers are not only using them for Kudus for a good job but for incentives and educational tools.

Japanese Iwako Erasers are not only environmentally friendly and recyclable but also non toxic, lead and latex free. With hundreds to choose from these tiny treasures will probably stay on the “in ” list for a long time to come.


1- Animal erasers.
2- Garden erasers, fruit, vegetable and flower.
3- Toy erasers.
4- Western Food erasers.
5- Japanese Food erasers.

A lot of the erasers are take apart erasers and you can take them apart and put them back together, change them around and come up with different color combination’s. Though not recommended for kids under eight, due to choking hazard, they make great tools for learning.



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