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Tiger Woods Girlfriend Joanna Jagoda Defends Elin Over Crash and Mistress

Monday, July 26th, 2010

This past month has not been the greatest time of best-golfer-on-the-planet Tiger Woods. Not too long ago raunchy tabloid magazine The National Inquirer paid a woman named Ashley Sampson $25,000 for a story about Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel. However, Uchitel, a sexy New York city VIP party hostess, denied they so much as exchanged text messages, and that she had met the Tiger but that’s about it. The rumor said that the two were together recently in Melbourne for the Australian Masters where Tiger probably won ten trophies with one putt. However, all parties denied this was true.

Fast forward two days later, and for some reason at 2:25 AM Tiger Woods was found laying in the street nodding in and out of consciousness by the police. APPARENTLY, in the 911 recording you can hear Elin running out to see what happened, which would effectively crush rumors that she had in fact chased him out of the house with a golf club in furious irony.

The rumor said that after Tiger Woods hottie wife Elin Nordegrin (an swedish model) found out about Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel, she scratched up his face, chased him out of the house with a golf club, and as he tried to escape backing out of the driveway in his Cadliac Escalade, she smashed the rear windshield with a golf club. However, to me this seems like tabloid exaggeration, as Elin herself said she smashed out the windshield to help Tiger out of the car. This is possible since the front end of his car got mangled and he might not have been able to open the doors.

Another monkey wrench however: police said alcohol was NOT a factor.. and for some reason woods was leaving the house in a hurry at 2:25 am. Rumors have it that Tiger got addicted to the narcotic pain killer Oxycontin from his recent knee surgery, and that explains the “nodding in and out of consciousness” without alcohol involved when the police found him.

To further back things up, Tiger Woods ex girlfreind Joanna Jagoda is now defending Tiger Woods hottie wife Elin Nordegrin’s integrity, saying that she would never do such a thing. The reason I’m writing this today is I want to know what you think… did Tiger Woods have an affair and cheat on his wife and kids? Follow the links in this article or go to this page to vote. I’m feeling generous today so one person who votes will get $1000 in gas or $500 best buy card, your choice. Go to the voting page and after you check your answer, simply select your prize and type in your e-mail address.

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