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A Golfers ++ Holiday Diary: – North Portugal Tour

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010


Last year was our first trip to Oporto in North Portugal, via a week’s cruise down the Douro River, brilliantly organised by PortGolf. At the end of that week, Peter Evens, who runs PortGolf, suggested we should return for the festival of S. Joao and perhaps play some golf. This seemed a good idea so on our return to the UK we organised a dinner for two other couples, one of whom (Gerry and Catriona) had played golf around Oporto and Jim and Margery. We discussed the idea and it was agreed that eight would be a good number. Shortly after we had supper with another couple, John and Marion who volunteered to join us. None of us had ever holidayed together before so it would be a test of friendship. Due to other commitments Gerry and Catriona and John and Marion would stay for a week whilst we and Jim and Margery would stay for twelve days.

There follows a Journal of that Trip:-


Thursday 21st June:-

We decided to catch the first Porto flight out of Gatwick at 6.30am whilst the others were catching the 1.30pm flight. We were met at Oporto Airport at 9am by Peter Evens who whisked us off to the four star Hotel Fenix, conveniently placed close to the Boa Vista area. The weather was bright with a light shower around midday. Having unpacked in our spacious room on the 9th Floor with splendid views of a truly magnificent cemetery and the city we set off on our first adventure to walk to the city centre and explore the area. We had a pasta and wine lunch at the Simbiose Restaurant (€30) overlooking the river and watched the Port wine boats ferrying people to and fro. Walked back uphill to the hotel calling in at the local supermarket for gin and whisky for nightcaps. The rest of the gang arrived at 6.15pm somewhat late due to delays. Having checked in we all got into the lift to travel to the 9th floor. Now this lift has a notice that says it is for 10 persons – unfortunately, they mean 10 Portuguese persons who happen to be somewhat smaller in stature than 8 Brits for the lift decided to descend to -5 floors before coming to a halt with a resounding bang. Not exactly the start we were looking for, but we managed to extract ourselves and walk back to the ground floor we proceeded to travel in the 2nd lift and the service lift – time for a drink! Peter found us in the bar at 8pm when we were taken in two vehicles to the Maria Moita, a local Porto restaurant for dinner. Peter stayed on to interpret as not much English is spoken and take photographs of the evening. Fun food with an interesting menu and carafes of wine. Bed by 11.30 somewhat exhausted.


Friday 22nd June:-


Up at 8.15am, dry, but grey with a smattering of blue. Breakfast, then a quick look round the local shops. Peter and Paolo collected us at 12.30 for our first game of golf at Estela.

The course lies about an hour from the centre of Oporto on the Atlantic coast. The drive was pleasant and informative and the entrance guarded by two automatic gates. A drink and a toasted sandwich started the event which was a four ball better ball with husbands partnering wives. Typically for a links course, the wind blew like hell and was a contributing factor to the round taking 4½ hours. Gerry and Catriona were the winners and copious amounts of gin & tonic and beer was consumed. Showered and change before whisked off to Casa do Frango in a nearby town – problem was our driver dropped us at the wrong place which held up proceedings, but didn’t stop the wine flowing before the chicken and chips arrived – turned out to be a fun night and tested some people’s ability of alcohol consumption. On our return to the hotel John and Marion joined us in our room for a nightcap and left at 1.30am.

Saturday 23rd June:-


Up at 8.30 am and a glorious summer day. Everyone into city centre to sightsee, but for us it was to shop for prizes meeting up with the gang at Majestic café – the ‘in place’ to be seen – coffee and brandy was the order of the day. Off to lunch to Foz at Praia da Luz, a super restaurant on the beach which we had sampled last year – great food and wine with a variety of local dishes, ridiculously cheap at €30 per couple. Back to the hotel at 4pm to rest before the night’s activities. At Midnight Oporto celebrates the S. Joao festival.


Peter and cab collected us at 9.10pm and we are taken to Taylor’s Port Wine Lodge where the atmosphere is electric – a couple of hundred people are seated at round tables for a set menu of Kale & Potato Soup; breads; sardines; Roast Kid & Vegetables followed by Almond tart and ice cream. The best wines are served and we tried a couple of bottles of 20 year old vintage Port. The lodge is situated at Gaia on the southside of the Douro River and at 12.05am we adjourn to the terrace to watch a firework display over Porto which was out of this world – we are all stunned by the magnificence of the scene. John & Marion have to leave by cab due to John’s bruised Achilles heel while the rest of us have to walk as no vehicles are allowed in the area other than for medical reasons. The crush is worse than a cup final at Wembley, but everyone is in such great humour and it seems the whole of Oporto’s inhabitants are bashing you over the head with a plastic hammer or a long garlic plant (both old traditions) – we eventually stagger across the bridge, which had been closed at one point due to too many people on it causing it to sway. Street parties, dancing and singing all the way back to the hotel and so to bed at 3am having survived a most enjoyable adventure.


Sunday 24th June:-


Up for breakfast, lots of orange and black coffee seemed to the order of the day. Later collected to go to Amarante Golf Course another hour drive away. Seems we had the course to ourselves. Said to be hilly, true, difficult to find your way round at times; some spectacular holes accompanied by bangs all afternoon as S. Joao continued to be celebrated. Men versus Ladies this time, the men had no chance. Showered and changed off to a restaurant in Amarante – problem was our driver seemed to have forgotten until he was informed by Peter via mobile phone then he proceeded to drive at 120 kph to get back on track. No English spoken at all at the restaurant which made life a tad difficult. Food quite nice, but we appeared to be in a quieter mood – at our age very late nights can play havoc with some people’s constitution.


Monday 25th June:-


Today we are moving to the Oporto Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club, so its bag packing time as six of us are off on an adventure – a day trip on a boat up the Douro. Gerry & Catriona have done this trip before so they go back to Estela for golf. Superb weather and the trip is just fine with breakfast and lunch provided and the river is so peaceful. We make friends with Lourdes who is the tour guide. Later she is surprised to find us drinking champagne – she asks what we are celebrating, we tell her a birthday, she asks whose birthday it is and we tell her we don’t know, but we are pretty sure it’s someone’s birthday somewhere. We arrive at Reguá at 4.15pm and are taken by coach for about 200 yards to the railway station where we are to continue our adventure by train back to Oporto a journey of about 2 hours. Peter meets us at the station and takes us to our new quarters at the O.C. & L.T.C. a little oasis in the middle of Oporto. Very colonial style and every one is so friendly. Shower and change and meet for drinks in the lounge before walking a couple of hundred yards up the road to Capa Négra 2 a local restaurant where we are served by Olivetti who speaks good English and advises on the local dishes. Plenty of wine and a fun evening all for the princely sum of €30 per couple. John and Marion insist on having a nightcap in our room – another late night.


Tuesday 26th June:-


Breakfast at 9am then walked around the grounds of the club and inspected the tennis courts, cricket pitch (thought we would bat first) and the swimming pool. We got ready for golf and soon we were on our way to Ponte de Lima on a lovely sunny day. Again about an hour drive to the golf course, but very scenic and somewhat mountainous – buggies a necessity. Drinks and a sandwich first, but you never need to be in a hurry in these places which was a good job as the round took over five hours, something we are just not used to, but we’re on holiday so what the heck. A quick shower and drink before setting off to Restaurant Acude. A limited menu and quite expensive for the region, but we enjoyed it. Drove back to the club and home by 12.30am – a long day.


Wednesday 27th June:-


Up at 8.15am nice shower and a leisurely breakfast. Today is a relaxing day where we all do our own thing. A day by the pool for some, shopping for some of the ladies and bridge for others. We all meet in the bar at 8pm for tonight we are eating in the club’s superb dining room and prize giving. It worked out that everybody got a prize of sorts and Margery and Jim won Peter Evens “PortGolf” prize for the best score on the Stroke Index 1 holes on all the courses we played. Food, wines, service and atmosphere could not be bettered a fantastic end for those departing the next day. Somewhat late to bed!


Thursday 28th June:-


Missed our farewells to Catriona and Gerry, but managed them for Marion and John who were catching a later flight. Today Peter is taking Margery and Jim and us for a road trip up the Douro Valley Tour. We set off at 9.45pm again with glorious sunshine. Our first stop is at the winery of Quinta de Aveleda.

A guided tour including tastings with cheese. We wandered round the grounds which have beautiful gardens including resident peacocks. In the shop, a loud mouthed American, who was buying a six pack of wine, was boasting to the young lady at the counter that back home he had a thousand bottles of wine – to which she replied, “And now you have a thousand and six, sir.” – priceless!


Our next stop was at Amarante to see the famous bridge and a quick walk round the town, very pretty. On through rolling hills filled with vines to Regua and stopped for lunch at the Pousada. Sat outside in the glorious sun and admired the views across the valley. We moved on to Quinta do Panascal – Fonseca winery/ port lodge, had a guided tour through the grape terraces with the aid of an audio tape and earphones giving a history and the workings of the company. Back to the lodge for more tastings then a return journey via Vila Real through mile after mile of hills laden with vines from top to bottom. Back to the club for a shower and change before Peter dropped us off at the Oporto Restaurant. We were all intrigued to see Jim’s starter as he had ordered ‘fish soup in pastry’. (the pastry was on the top!)


Friday 29th June:-


Breakfast at 9am – today we are back to Estela golf course, but what a difference, loads of sunshine and no wind. Girls versus the Boys (yes, of course the Girls won, but only at the 18th) – back to the club for a rest and shower.


A special evening as we meet Peter’s wife, Anabela, for the first time and we go to Praia de Luz for dinner. A great meal with lively conversation and a beautiful sunset, of which we have several photos if anyone wants a copy. Home to bed another long day.


Saturday 30th June:-


Despite last night’s sunset, we wake to a grey sky and much cooler temperatures. The girls, (I use the term loosely), go off shopping to Vila Nova de Gaia, “Corte Ingles”. Us chaps do our own thing reading and watching the members who are barbequing for lunch – Jim tries the sardines. Lorna and Margery arrive back at 2.15pm and after hearing of their adventures we have tea and scones – how civilized.


Peter collects us at 6.45pm as we are to have drinks at his house at Senhora da Hora. We meet up with Anabela again and also later with Jacquay one of his twin daughters who entertains us on the piano. Then we are off to a fish restaurant, O Manel in Matosinhos – no English spoken and we struggle with the menu, not the best place to eat in our opinion, also quite expensive. An early night for all.


Sunday 1st July:-


A free day – weather a bit grey and not very hopeful. Margery and Jim decide to tour the city by open-top bus whilst we decide to walk to the Palacio de Cristal a spacious park which houses a circular building for concerts; there are also some nice views of the river and across the city. We continue our walk through to S. Bento Metro Station where we attempt to purchase from a machine two day tickets – we fail miserably despite the help of a couple of locals, but were rescued by a station security guard who helped us to purchase the correct tickets. The Metro is very modern and is a cross between a tram, a trolley bus and an underground train – very clean and quiet. Out first journey takes us across the very top of the Ponte do Luis and up to the terminus outside “Corte Ingles”. We return back down, but alight at Jardim do Morro where we have been advised there are some good photo opportunities across the river. We then decide to walk over the top of the bridge rather than ride. In hindsight this was not a good idea as we reckon that the bridge is similar in construction and height to the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia – we wouldn’t walk across that even if they do chain you to the railing so what on earth are we doing here? So being English, we put our heads down and just keep walking until, somewhat relieved, we get to the other side – phew! I have to add that the Metro trains are passing by you just inches away which tends to add to the excitement. We did get some nice pictures of the trains crossing the bridge and entering the tunnel below us. With shaking legs we descended hundreds of steps and through winding alleys to get to the riverside where we had a bottle of wine and lunch and watched the world go by. We returned to the station and went as far as the Estadio do Dragáo, a recently completed stadium before returning back down to our nearest station to home, the “Casa da Musica”. The weather had much improved by this time so we walked back to the club in sunshine.

We met with Margery and Jim by the pool and exchanged stories and adventures, then snoozed for a while before getting ready to embark for our last night to the “Cafeina” Restaurant. A very smart establishment and nice food, but again would not be in our top five. Peter collected us and returned us safely back to the club.


Monday 2nd July:-


One wonderful attribute of the club is that clients are not required to vacate their rooms until midday. We took advantage of this by having time to pack in a leisurely manner and having stored our bags we were collected by Peter to take us for lunch at “Ar de Rio”, a modern riverside restaurant in Cais da Gaia. We sat inside by an open wall looking out across the Douro River in glorious sunshine. Peter collected us and took us to Crofts Port Wine Lodge for a tour and tasting – a lovely way to end a holiday in Oporto.

We collected our baggage from the club, said our goodbyes to the staff and Peter dropped us off at the Airport in good time for the flight which was delayed for fifty minutes.


All in all a most enjoyable holiday, well organized by PortGolf in the shape of Peter Evens whose care and attention of his clients is second to none.

Without a doubt we shall return once again to this most interesting of cities.


Mike & Lorna Gizzy


Mike Gizzy and friends joined Peter Evens for this holiday, who is a specialist in Tourism in Northern Portugal : For information on your Holidays throughout Portugal email or look at the website

A Caribbean Luxury Villa Holiday At St Johns Antigua

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Don’t dismiss a Caribbean Villa Holiday on Antigua especially when it is part of the Jolly Harbour Villas complex at St John’s.

A Caribbean Villa Holiday, on Antigua, or anywhere else for that matter, doesn’t seem on the face of it to that attractive an option. To choose a self catering family holiday, you have to be absolutely certain of the quality of the villa, then how close and convenient it is for restaurants and shops. Then you have to be certain that the kitchen is at least as well equipped as you have at home, or it will be no vacation for the lady of the house, who not only will have to face up to catering in the heat, but also in unfamiliar surroundings, and this won’t make her a happy bunny at all, which is perfectly understandable. After this you have to consider the accessibility of beaches, swimming pools, leisure facilities, and the costs involved here, which can unexpectedly add up.

Jolly Harbour Villas at St John’s on Antigua could be the perfect answer for your Caribbean Self Catering Villa Holiday. What you are looking at here are duplex two bed roomed villas in a self contained compound surrounding a marina.

There is absolutely everything you could want from restaurants to shops, from casino to golf course, with a pool and kid’s club, the last two are free to use.

Jolly Harbour Villas is split into two areas, the North Finger, and the South Finger. Whichever you choose, you will find has its supporters. A Villa on the South Finger is within walking distance of Jolly Beaches beach, and more convenient for restaurants and bars, whereas the North Finger especially the far end is a long way out from the centre of the resort area, but it does have the advantage of being close to a beach that is almost unused, generally being a much quieter area, and quite honestly if you have a buggy to get around in, then distance isn’t a problem.

There are a few good bars and restaurants in the resort, amongst which is Coco’s which is a short walk down South Beach. You’ll get shrimps and lobster at most restaurants for not that much money. Peter’s restaurant in the marina served great steaks, There are good restaurants, serving delicious well presented reasonably priced food both inside and outside Jolly Harbour Villas, and this goes a long way towards ensuring that all the family enjoys this particular self catering holiday.

One of the things you have to remember is that each villa is individually owned, and as a consequence are of different standards in terms of fittings and equipment. A bit of reading between the lines may be required, and often you need to be guided by the price tag. Whilst cheap isn’t always as good as it seems, it often means older, sometimes expensive isn’t either.

Before making your luxury holiday villa selection, you should allow for the hire of a buggy to get you around in Jolly Harbour Villas, and certainly consider a hire 4×4 to explore Antigua itself.

The other piece of advice is to ensure you see some photographs of the villa, and find out what equipment they have. There are a few stories that the luxury holiday villa guests thought they had booked, proved to be not as smart as they looked, so the advice is to book through a reputable holiday company and not an individual. Companies to use include HBK Villa Rentals, ReMax Antigua, Jolly Harbour Realty, or Antiguan Estates.

To summarise, Antigua can provide you with the almost perfect Caribbean Self Catering Villa Family Holiday at Jolly Harbour Villas, just be careful who you rent your villa from.

Gareth Jones is responsible for Antigua Vacation Spots as well as authoring several articles about Worldwide Vacation Spots and he recommends Caribbean Vacation Spots His first love is the Caribbean especially the hotels on Antigua

Why You Should Stay At An Isle Of Wight Holiday Park

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

If you are a family or even a couple who are looking to go away somewhere in England, then you should consider staying at an Isle of Wight holiday park. There are a huge variety of parks, from quiet family parks with a relaxing atmosphere, overlooking picturesque sceneries, to ones which offer lively kids fun clubs and pools.
Holiday parks near Ryde are ideal, as Ryde boasts shops and supermarkets, golf, an indoor pool, an ice rink, bowling and go karting facilities and miles of beaches.
Parks in Bembridge are on the east of the Isle of Wight, nestled amongst rural countryside, alongside beautiful private sandy beaches. Bembridge is a 10 minute drive from Fishbourne and 30 minutes from East Cowes and Yarmouth Ferry Terminals.
If you prefer a quieter place to stay, then this area is ideal for walking, cycling & fishing with beaches a 10 minute walk away. The parks cater for everyone wishing for a peaceful holiday in clean, British quality assured accommodation. St Helen’s village green has shops, pubs, restaurants and bus stops, so is well-served.
The majority of holiday parks are self catering accommodation, which gives you and your family the freedom to be independent with eating arrangements. You can either cook in your fully equipped kitchen, or eat out. Most prices start from around £200 for a three night stay. Everything on the Island is within easy reach either by car or bus which regularly runs from outside most parks’ entrance. Whether you book accommodation or camping and touring, there are breathtaking views all around. There are many woodland and coastal walk ways, cycle paths and there are private slipways which lead you directly to a beautiful secluded sandy beach with little shops and cafés.

Terry Simpson writes article for Island View Holidays and for more information on Isle of Wight holidays she recommends you to visit

Holiday Gifts: Make Your Close Ones Feel Delighted

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

It is a very beautiful gesture to think about the likes and dislikes of loved ones and then choosing something for them which makes them really happy. Especially at the time of holidays, friends and family would love something that is gifted to them which they can certainly use to increase the fun. With the perfect holiday gifts, people can now make holidays all the more special for their close ones.

Love is required to be expressed whether it is your spouse, family members, friends or kids on the receiving end. For your close ones, you can choose something very special which will make them think of you every time they see it. At the time of holidays, something very special in the form of holiday gifts is required to be presented to them to make them really happy.

There are numerous options one can choose from to get the perfect holiday gifts for close ones. If it is kids who are to be gifted, one can get them something constructive and creative which they can really use and find interesting. With the right choice for holiday gifts, people can now get anything they like. It can be golf clubs, sports equipment, a baseball stick for kids, basketball etc. If it is something for vacations, then flip flops, sunglasses, recliners, etc are also a great option to consider. Gift baskets with holiday snacks, drinks, etc can also be gifted to your close ones.

Delight everyone with your choice of gifts and make your close ones really happy. With the best choice of holiday gifts which will make the vacation days even better. Research online and make the best choice for your close ones of the most perfect and suited holiday gifts for your friends and family.

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Cheap Dorset Holiday Accommodation

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Dorset is mainly a rural county with a traditional English countryside. The Dorset Down’s surge diagonally across the entire county and make for exceptional walking country, with outstanding scenery and views. The natural beauty covers the best part of the county. The towns and villages tend to be small but pack astonishing historic buildings and delightful traditional thatched cottages.

The coast is breath taking with a gradual change in terrain from east to west. The cost offers sheltered bays, striking rock formations and long pebble and sand beaches. The atmosphere varies from the quite and serene customary harbour tows at Lyme Regis to the more lively and exuberant seaside resorts at Bournemouth and Weymouth. Areas such as Poole Christchurch and Portland provide a large variety of water sports hotspots along with a large number of cycle trails for the cyclist enthusiasts. The CoastlineX53 bus service provides regular services to and from the coast. Much of eastern Dorset is covered by heathland. This habit is now a scarce site, but in Dorset due to the National Nature Reserve, its boasts some of the most widespread heathlands in Europe. Dorset is said to be a walkers delight with an extensive network of footpaths and long walking trails along the county and coast.

The Jurassic coast, which extends 95 miles is a World Heritage Site, the coastline reveals the story of 185 million years of history. Along the way there are astounding rock formations and fossil that make up the Dorset coast. Dorset has many beaches along its coast, which include popular beaches in Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth. There are mix of fine golden sand and sparkling shingle beaches in the area. Dorset also offers some of the finest destinations for surfing, sailing and diving, with Poole and Portland harbours leading the way. There is a large number of watersports available in most areas of Dorset. You’ll also find some fascinating diving bays in the area of Dorset revealing more of the splendid Jurassic Coast.

Dorset is superb for golf breaks. The natural Dorset heathland creates the look of a traditional golf courses, with well kept fairways and greens. With a large number of Golf courses in the area you will never be left wanting. For fantastic views while golfing try the gorgeous cliff top Bridport & West Dorset Golf club. Dorset has pride in it fresh local produce. A lot of the small towns in Dorset are historically market towns and the traditions from these pastimes can still be seen today. The holiday season sees a large number of festivals across Dorset, from folk and music festivals, Georgian fairs and the fossil festival at Lyme Regis.

If nature still calls, why not visit Monkey World. It is a massive sanctuary spanning 65 miles. The reserve has a vast amount of the ape species in its borders, from chimpanzees to Ring Tail Lemurs. There are picnic areas, a café and a gift shop. There is also an adventure playground to keep the kids happy. If its history you like why not take a look at the Dinosaur museum, a place to revisit the glory days of those giant creatures. If you would like a less scary trip also see the Teddy Bear Museum with a huge collection of teddy bears. Tutankhamen’s tom and the Terracotta soldiers exhibitions house some of the most fascinating artefacts in history, if you are in Dorset then check these out you will not be disappointed.

Have An Incredible Holiday Experience At Beaches Boscobel

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Beaches Boscobel is a part of the Beaches brand of getaway vacation destinations located in the Caribbean. It is ranked as one of the premier vacation Destinations in the Caribbean and also around the world. Beaches Boscobel is located on the northern coast of the  and sunny Island of Jamaica, about two hours away from the Sangster’s International Airport in Montego Bay and 10 miles east of Ocho Rios, so within a short space of time you will be able to arrive at the resort. Beaches Boscobel offers a safe, fun and tranquil surrounding that allows you and your family to feel comfortable. There are many deals that offer both airfares and hotel accommodations at reasonable rates. Beaches Boscobel offers plenty of attractions that will make you want to stay.
Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club provide various amounts of activities that will keep any visitor entertained throughout the duration of their visit. The resort is located up from a beach resort, where there are elevators provided so you can get to the beach in case you don’t want to walk. They have many rooms and suites available that can be adjusted to make the rooms larger for you and your entire family. Beaches Boscobel is noted for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are big fan of the ocean, then this will definitely be a great experience.  
Apart from general stuff like having fun in the water all day, you have the option of playing many water sports such as water tricycles, sailboats, water trampolines and banana boat rides. You can also participate in snorkeling trips if you are interested in underwater sea diving, so you can dive in the water whenever you wish. One of the most exuberating attraction, especially for children who enjoy playing is the waterslide. Outside of swimming in the beach, there are also several pools available that have plenty float mats and lounge chairs for your recreation.
At Beaches Boscobel outside of having fun in the water, you can also have fun on land as well. If you are a lively person you can check out the daily activity schedule to find out what actiivites are available for play. You can take part in the usual hobbies like volleyball, ping-pong, basketball and even other not so popular activities like treasure hunting, horseshoe throwing and shuffle boarding. There are also art and craft activities and video games which young children are usually drawn to.
Along with your all-inclusive accommodation, there is also a golf course at another Sandals resort that is provided to persons from Boscobel Beaches, so those who enjoy the game can participate. A junior golf course is also provided with golf clinics for kids and golf clubs provided if it is needed.

Please visit this link for more information on Beaches Boscobel: Beaches Boscobel – I and Beaches Boscobel – II

Four of the Finest Mauritius Holiday Hotels

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Take a look at a small selection of our favourite quality Mauritius hotels the tropical island resort has to offer, each varying to suit particular tastes. You are bound to find one to suit what you’d like from your Mauritius holiday.

Sugar Beach

This luxury Mauritius resort is a modern take on a plantation style manor house. It has a grand look to it, with long frontage of sleek white columns and windows under a pale blue roof. As well as the main building’s rooms and suites, there are sixteen villas scattered around the thirty acres of this Mauritius hotel.

The hotel faces west towards the beach, so you can enjoy looking out at the sunsets on your Mauritius holiday. The facilities here include a Kids Club a PADI scuba diving centre and access to a nearby golf course.

The Paradis Hotel and Golf Club

If golf is an important element to have in your Mauritius holiday, the Paradis Hotel and Golf Club may be the place for you. It can be found in the south west of Mauritius on an offshoot of land in the turquoise ocean. This luxury Mauritius resort and its seven kilometres of seaside take up a beach-lined promontory, overlooked by the rugged knuckle of the Le Morne Mountain, rising dramatically from the palm-studded coastline.

With its 18 hole course this Mauritius hotel allows you to play golf in a tropical setting with an ocean view and islands in the distance. The scenery is good enough to put you off your swing.

A stay at The Paradis is also recommended for newlyweds or people who want to enjoy a secluded Indian Ocean setting.

The One and Only Le Saint Geran

If the idea of seclusion is appealing and you would like to have water all around you on your holidays in Mauritius, you should also consider staying at The One and Only Le Saint Geran. Like the Paradis, this five star Mauritius hotel has a peninsula to itself. On the ocean side, a coral reef meets the beach, and on the other there is a deep blue, sheltered lagoon.

Between these two bodies of water, and the numerous pools dotting the compound, the hotel somehow manages to fit in a Gary Player-designed nine hole golf course and an associated golf academy. This hotel even has a helipad.

The three restaurants on this luxury Mauritius resort each have a distinctive atmosphere: the Spoon des Iles restaurant is stylish and intimate; La Terrasse is set on circular platforms over a shallow pool of clear water; The Rasoi looks out over the lagoon.

Le Saint Geran has a number of facilities to enjoy on holidays in Mauritius including Tai Chi lessons, a spa and a hairdressing salon.

Shanti Ananda Maurice

The Shanti Ananda Maurice in the Blue Bay area of Mauritius is a luxury resort dedicated to the spa lifestyle. Specialising in holistic healing with a native Mauritian influence, you can enjoy as many as 25 different and exotic treatments at this 5 star Mauritius hotel, ranging from yoga to thalassotherapy.

The luxury villas here have their own pools and gardens so you can enjoy some peace and quiet when you’re not busy being pampered. A stay here would ensure you return from your Mauritius holiday feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Claire Bryant is a Mauritius holiday expert for key2holidays, an online tour operator that will help you book your ideal Mauritius holidays, as well as trips to Australia, Cuba, the Caribbean, Europe, Egypt, the Far East, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Dubai and the Arabian Gulf and South Africa. key2holidays has a dedicated team of experienced travel consultants to share their knowledge and help you to plan and book your ideal holiday.

Phuket Remains One of the Favourite Holiday Desitnations in Asia

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Taking a vacation is a great way to enhance your mental health, rekindle your relationships, and gain self confidence. But, you could enjoy the full benefits of a vacation only if the location you have chosen for your vacation is mesmerizing.

Location for taking a vacation usually depends upon the personal interest of the travelers. Some may find pleasure in vacationing in hi-fi destinations packed with modern attractions as well as cityscapes while some may prefer to spend their vacation in a tranquil destination. There are also vacationers who would like to tour a destination which are a blend of both modern and old.

Phuket would be perhaps the first location that comes into your mind when you think of a memorable as well as an enjoyable vacation amid serene settings filled with magnificent beaches and action-packed adventures. Dubbed as ‘the Pearl of the Andaman’ or ‘the Pearl of the South,’ Phuket has become a favorite spot among holiday makers from across the world. Bounded by the sparkling blue waters of the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, and is located about 850 kilometers from the capital city, Bangkok.

With an incredible variety of beaches, the island is truly a haven for beach lovers. Every beach in the island has its own uniqueness. When some are noted for its stunning and serene caves, others may be favored for excellent facilities that they provide to enjoy a range of activities. Most popular among the beaches in the area are Patong, which becomes lively during night, Kamala, Surin, Nai Yang, and Karon and Kata beaches.

All of these together form a paradise for ocean lovers. You just think any of the water sport activities, it would be readily available in the island. Phuket has been rated among the top ten scuba diving destinations in the world. A host of other activities can also be enjoyed here, which among many others, are boating, fishing, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, sailing, sea canoeing, water skiing, para sailing, and swimming.

Apart from these, Phuket is also a popular destination among golf lovers, with a variety of superb golf courses including Phuket Country Club, Banyan Tree Club in Bangtao Beach, Blue Canyon Country Club, and Loch Pam Golf Club, each of them set within the backdrop of lush green mountains and scenic vistas.

Options are also available for travelers who want to experience the indigenous art forms of the region such as Muay Thai or Thai kickboxing, which were once used by warriors to protect the kingdom from external powers. Similarly, if you are weary after a full-day activity in any of the fabulous beaches of the area, then take a refreshing spa massage to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Further, Phuket is a kid friendly destination, with a myriad of options for children such as nature parks and yoga sessions exclusively designed for kids. Above all, Phuket is a shoppers’ paradise, with a myriad of shops selling antique and handicraft items, pearls, gems, jewelry, and apparels. In short, Phuket has something for everyone!

A visit to Phuket would be incomplete without taking a tour to its unbelievable temples and shrines, among which perhaps the most famed is the Wat Chalong, a Buddhist temple with an expansive prayer hall enshrining three statues of most revered monks such as Luang Por Chaem, Luang Por Chuang, and Luang Por Gluam. Also, popular are shrines such as Wat Phranangsang, dedicated to two heroines who defeated Burmese attackers during the Thalang Battle, and Wat Phra Thong, enshrining an enormous half buried image of the Lord Buddha.

Apart from these, make a visit to old Phuket town, which is home to a range of attractions such as Heroine’s Monument and several Sino-Portuguese colonial mansions. To take a peep into the historical past of the region, a great way would be to visit the museums here such as Phuket Sea Shell Museum and Thalang National Museum. Also, while your stay at Phuket take a tour to Khao Phra Thaeo National Park with diverse flora and fauna, Marine Biological Research Centre, Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, with thousands of butterflies, and Promthep Cape.

With these umpteen attractions, the tourism industry in Phuket is steady as well as stable. The destination boasts of accommodation choices to suit every budget and taste. For those who can spend extravagantly for their Phuket vacation, some excellent options are available in the form of hotels attached with high-end facilities and amenities. For those seeking solace and privacy, one of the best options would be to go for accommodation choices such as rental villas inclusive of superb accommodation, transportation facilities, dining options, and maid servants.

Few, private estates in the world match the unsurpassed luxury and tranquility of The Samsara Estate, built atop a private and secluded peninsula, our villas offer views over a stunning juxtaposition of rocky shoreline, tropical forest, and the crystal blue waters of the Andamans in Phuket, Thailand.

Revive Yourself With A Luxury Holiday To Heritage Golf And Spa Resort In Mauritius

Monday, July 12th, 2010

A luxury holiday is what you deserve at least once in a year. The tedious routine of life calls for a break and you need to rejuvenate yourself in order to be in a better position to get back to work with a fresh mind and body. Nothing is like a holiday to a beautiful and serene place where you can indulge in luxury and unwind. In addition, which place can be better than Mauritius, which is no less than heaven on earth?


Heritage Golf and Spa Resort in particular is well recognised as the most luxurious and soothing place to have a holiday in Mauritius. In the lap of Mother Nature, Heritage Golf and Spa Resort will pamper you to the fullest and make all your dreams come true. The beautiful setting of the resort together with peerless facilities makes it the perfect holiday place for you.  


The ambience of Heritage Golf and Spa Resort is completely mesmerising. Located on the south coast of Mauritius, this resort is the perfect embodiment of luxury packed together with natural beauty. The rooms at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort are comfortable, and luxurious. You can opt for luxury rooms, suits or villas depending on your personal preference. Each option is brimming with great facilities such as swimming pools, private terrace, and butler services, to name a few.


The experience you will have at Heritage will certainly be like no other. It is the elegance and charisma of this resort, which lures tourist from all around the world. Apart from its great position in the heart of stunning Island of Mauritius, Heritage Golf and Spa Resort possesses everything you can dream for on a luxury holiday. From great golf courses to astounding Spa, from kids’ recreational activities to mouth-watering cuisines, Heritage Golf and Spa Resort quenches the passion of tourists with various inclinations.


The Spa at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort is fantastic. It offers as many as 20 treatments to ensure you have the most soothing and refreshing experience during your trip to Mauritius. Be it massage services or consultation, heated pools or pedicure and manicure, you will have the most astounding experience at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort.

The sports centre at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort is superb too. All the sports freaks will find enough space to indulge in a number of sports activities and satisfy their passion for outdoor recreation. The kids’ club has much to entertain the children of various age groups. There are outdoor as well as indoor activities in which children can take part in at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort.


The lush green gold course is one of the major attractions of Heritage Golf and Spa Resort, which makes Mauritius all the more appealing for many.


There is dance, party, and all sorts of recreational activities at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort, which will make your trip to Heritage Golf and Spa an unforgettable memory. If you wish to revive yourself as you have never before, there is certainly no better place to head to than Heritage Golf and Spa Resort.


For Mauritius holidays to Heritage Golf and Spa Resort visit

Siblu Family Holiday Park Les Pierres Couchees

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 – Les Pierres Couchées is part of our newly-acquired range of siblu parks, which means its well suited for families who want to enjoy exploring the surrounding area and nearby beach. There are a small number of leisure facilities on parc, including an outdoor pool with a waterslide, crazy golf, tennis, boules and kid’s clubs.