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Golfing And Hiking In Arizona

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

When traveling to Arizona you will notice vast differences in each region of the state. Arizona is best known for the Grand Canyon, an impressive natural feature that is known as one of the seven wonders of the world. Arizona is also known for a variety of American history from American Indian heritage to the wild west and Route 66. In Tucson in southern Arizona you can find several cultural landmarks and good skiing. Phoenix is best known for their variety of attraction for travelers.

On the Arizona-California border you can visit Yuma which is a desert community. The city experiences mild climate in the winter which causes an influx of travelers that nearly doubles the cities population. Yuma is also a popular destination for travelers who like to golf since it offers a number of excellent courses.

Another popular city in southern Arizona is Tucson which has an excellent cultural scene. The influences of many cultures are seen in the restaurants, museums and architecture spread throughout the city. The Saguaro National Park nearby offers excellent trail hikes that provide scenic views of the Arizona skyline. Some of the top ranches and luxury resorts are found in Tucson.

The largest city and state capital of Arizona is Phoenix. It is also a popular destination for travelers due to its variety of attractions. There are hundreds of local golf courses that allow individuals to play golf year round. Then there is the Arizona State Capitol Museum and the Deer Valley Rock Art Center for those who prefer indoor attractions.

If you are looking for family accommodations then you should consider the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix which features a water park with water slide, tubing river and waterfall for the family travelers. It also offers a mini golf course, a video game room and a program designed specifically for children.

In Tucson an excellent place to stay is the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort which offers plenty of activities to keep children busy. It offers a playground, a club for kids, and a waterfall. There is a croquet court and hiking trails at the edge of the hotels property for the adults to choose from during their stay.

For a remote experience there is the Cochise Stronghold Bed and Breakfast located in Cochise County. The property is surrounded by both a national forest and the mountain side. The hotel itself is built out of energy efficient materials and provides a beautiful and unique accommodation experience.

For the couples there is the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix. This hotel features a Mediterranean style with fourteen different designer showcase rooms that provide some of the most dramatic views of any hotel in the valley. It is the perfect getaway for the traveling couple.

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The Same Point Between Fishing And Golfing

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

We know golfing is a sport which distinct from fishing. They could not be any more different. But do you believe that these entirely different sports have something in common? Yes, that is. At least both of them give enjoyment and pleasure to all who participate in the sport. For most people these are hobbies and for others it is how they make their living.



If it is the Rupert bear yellow checked pants, red jumper and blue cap that deters you from venturing onto the green then do not let this put you off. This is a familiar trade mark of most golfers who are comfortable with the Disney look. You carry golf equipment which you like, and you wear what you are comfortable with.


Golf has to be one of the most laid back relaxing and enjoyable sports out there; if a sport can excite and give pleasure throughout a whole game then need I say anymore.


Learning to play with your club is a great experience and can be good fun, mistakes will be made and no doubt leaving your fellow golf partners doubled over with laughter. It will be easier for you to understand why this game is one of the world’s most popular sports by joining in and laughing too.



If you intend to take up angling in the sea make sure you are in a boat, as you do not want to end up bait for most big fish.


Fishing another peaceful sport besides swing a ping rapture v2 irons, imagine yourself sitting on the river bank with your fishing basket at your side fully packed with sandwiches and a flask of piping hot coffee. And to make the day even more special are the sedate and scenic surroundings accompanied of course by a flowing river.


The beauty of fishing is the feeling it gives as i.e. not having a care in the world. A very rewarding sport when the fish start to bite.


Fishing can become an addictive sport or hobby where you never want to go home, what is so wrong in that I ask unless of course you have a wife and kids.


How to cast a baited rod like a professional is not as hard as you may think, the right guidance tips and advice from an experienced person in this field will prove to be the best move you could make in acquiring these skills for your self.


Choosing which sport to take up may cause problems. Problem solved do both. Both golfing and fishing are my favorite sports because I can practice my patience through them. And I can also learn more things from meditation and observing others who are more patient than me.


Yoga-warming up before your sports

Golfing is HARD!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

trying to golf with some clubs we found and it becomes very interesting.

Golf Equipment – For the Best Golfing Experience

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Golf is one of the most popular sports in many countries. In Australia it is the top-ranked club sport according to the annual report released by the Australian Sports Commission. It is no longer considered as a rich manâ??s game and has become a favourite pastime for many.

To enjoy a perfect game of golf, you need quality golf equipment. If you want to get great golf equipment, then stop at Though many companies offer a plethora of golf equipment, youâ??ll sometimes find that either the quality is not good or the price is too high. But, at, you can buy quality equipment at affordable prices. It is a one-stop solution for almost everything you need to play the game.

If you are looking for golf sets, has an excellent ODIN Power Golf Set for adults and the ODIN 7-pc JR Junior Golf Set for kids. The ODIN Power Golf Set is specially designed for left-handed golfers. It contains 13 pieces of golf equipment for different kinds of shots. The titanium driver, stainless steel woods and irons with high modulus graphite shafts delivers exceptional performance. The ODIN 7-pc JR Junior Golf Set will also make a very good choice for kids who are right-handed golfers. You can buy these golf sets at at unbelievable prices.

A golf cart too is an integral part of your golf equipment. At BIGshop, you can buy the 400W ODIN Golf Cart. Its aircraft alloy frame will help you get around even on the toughest golf courses. It also extends its life by a great deal. Besides all these, you can also shop for the beautifully finished and embroidered ODIN Electricity Golf Bag & Head Cover and golf balls, which you can personalise.

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Palmdale, California: Golfing

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

There are many attractions in the vicinity of Palmdale, California. The Devilâ??s Punchbowl, likened to a smaller version of the Grand Canyon is nearby, the Antelope Valley Mall is known for its beautiful structure and great stores, and there is even a water park for the kids, the Dry Town Water Park.

The downtown area of Palmdale is quaint and charming, with a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as the Palmdale Playhouse, a small local theater with big productions.

If youâ??re looking for something perhaps a little more adventurous, you should check out all the different golf courses, training and lessons available right in Palmdale.

If youâ??re just getting started, you might want begin at the House of Golf Pro Shop with their Golf Simulator. They even have a lit stadium for nighttime practice, with video stimulated training. Birdies Driving Range is another place to really work on your swing as a beginner, though you will likely see many veterans there as well. This range has 30 natural grass tee areas complete with yardage markers for your convenience. They also have plenty of lessons and clinics to get you on track.

The Desert Aire golf course is a nine-hole regulation course that is a great stepping-stone for anyone who has yet to try out an 18-hole course. Since it is half the size, it makes for a great morning of golf with the family during vacation.

Rancho Vista Golf Course is one of the more famous golf courses in the area because Ted Robinson designed it. This is an intermediate to advanced course, which can be enjoyed by golfers of any level. They have recently initiated the â??Players Clubâ? which gives members golf, dining, and pro shop discounts throughout the year.

Antelope Valley Country Club is a little bit more challenging, with a par of 72. They host a variety of different amenities as well as various levels of membership for the country club. They boast 5 tennis courts, a grand pool, dining, catering, and much more. Whether you decide to live in the area and become a member, or just hit the green when youâ??re in town, Antelope Valley is sure to deliver.

There are plenty of really great golfing opportunities in Palmdale, CA. Be sure to check one out on your next trip to Los Angeles County. There are plenty of resorts and hotels in Palmdale, but if you’d like to stay outside of the city, there are many Lancaster, CA hotels as well.

Ryan Frank is an avid writer and blogger living in San Diego, CA.

Golfing Tips – A Wealth Of Information For Beginners!

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

We present some useful and practical tips in this section for beginners and the casual golfer to spark off that interest into a hobby and possibly even inspiration to take up professional coaching for the game, once the results start showing up â?? of course, with regular practice.

You can even learn how to play golf by watching a video game! Bet you didnâ??t know that â?? but it is true that you can actually become a successful golf player by tuning in to the various golf videos readily available today at video rental libraries, on CDs and DVD websites, in bookstores and in your local sporting goods stores! Most of the tutorials feature professional golf instructors teaching beginners the nuances of the game, giving them tips and tricks on improving form and style and also guidance on buying themselves a regular golf kit, including appropriate clothing and footwear. With women going professional in golf and even kids taking to the sport in a big way, there really is no doubting the popularity of this game that has become a national craze in America and other parts of the world; what makes it even more easy to follow and learn is the advent of video tutorials and 24 sports channels that relay matches, tournaments and charity events regularly, so the interest in the game never flags.

With major brands pushing endorsement of their products through pro players, golf has become a big name in sporting world today and not as complicated as many would have thought it to be â?? it only requires one to pay close attention to the game being played on their TV screen and it is simple enough to figure out the rules for the game, with instructions being repeated at the end of the tutorial, typically.

The other option is to sign up at the local course for hands-on training from a golfing instructor, but this is a more expensive choice to make. Of course, there is no doing away with the mistakes all beginners are likely to make, but if these are looked upon as the key to improving performance and walking away from the green like a true sportsman, not concentrating on winning or losing, but playing a good game, then golf is going to be fun.

Among the golfing tips beginners at the sport need to keep in mind is to keep their focus on the ball when they are about to strike, instead of looking up â?? a mistake many amateur golfers make and, as a result, the stroke gets counted even without hitting the ball! Oversights like these can build up to an awful lot of golf scores, which you really do not want to be tagged with; so, experts advise golf beginners to always look down till they have hit the ball.

One way of ensuring this action is by keeping your hips properly aligned, as instructed by the golfing tutor; also keep arms fully extended while swinging â?? at least till you have mastered the convention of keeping your eye on the ball. You can also choose to count till 5 after you hit the ball before looking up so you get to pace yourself just right.

If your putting problem is associated with missing the green on several occasions, you can ensure less of this happens by maintaining your stance and looking straight down at the top of the ball. This is very necessary to strike accurately and prevent the ball from veering off in an undesirable direction.

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The Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Golfing With Your Kids

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Golfing with your kids is a lot different than golfing with adults, obviously.

Your kids have a shorter attention span, and they are also shorter than your friends.

Your kids have to be supervised the whole time, whereas your friends do not (usually).

Your kids sometimes act like they are being tortured just by being on the golf course, whereas your friends do not (usually).

It would be so much more fun if your kids acted like they were having fun rather than being tortured when you are out golfing with them. It be even better if they looked forward to going and told all their friends how much fun golfing is, right?

I have spent a lot of time with kids on golf courses over the last 15 years, and I have learned by trial and error what works and what does not. Let me share with you seven common mistakes I have made that you should avoid when playing golf with kids:

Mistake #1: Not Preparing Mentally

You want to be in the best mood possible for your sake and the kids. Do whatever it takes to get in a good mood before you go. Think happy thoughts, leave work and bills behind, stop at their favorite fast food place on the way there, whatever it takes. If you are not in a good mood, they will know it and it will affect the enjoyment for all.

Mistake #2: Not Preparing the Equipment

The last thing you and your kids want to be doing on the course is fumbling around the golf bags looking for golf balls, tees, ball markers, etc. Take some time before you go to get all of the bags (including yours) set up with everything they will need, including a full water bottle or sport drink and snack. Make sure each person knows where these things are before you leave.

Mistake #3: Going at a Crowded Time

As mistakes go, this one is not so bad. It can happen regardless of planning. Just do your best to go on off times (the pro shop can suggest the best times to golf with kids). The less waiting you have to do on tee boxes, the less opportunity for distraction and boredom.

Mistake #4: Making Too Many Rules

There are many, many rules of golf, most of which we do not know and do not think about. Kids need to learn the rules, but not all at once. Start off with just the basics: no running on the green, do not hit until I say you can, be quiet when others are hitting, do not lay your clubs on the green. After a few trips, these things will become automatic and you can begin teaching them how to take proper relief and what the different color markers mean. You will be pleasantly surprised when, all of a sudden, you all play a round of golf and everything just clicks. Let me tell you it is marvelous!

Mistake #5: Yelling When They Make a Mistake

Kids are going to get angry and wild and make mistakes on the course, after all they are kids. In fact they are going to do things you never even dreamed of: throwing golf balls at each other, slamming clubs on the ground, hitting when someone is in front of them, climbing trees, etc. While it is tempting to yell at them to stop, I have found it to be much more effective to walk over to the offender and tell them the next time you do that we are all going to have to leave. This adds a little peer group pressure to the equation and works quite well. If the behavior continues, do not be shy about following through with your threat and taking everyone home. It just might turn out to be a great lesson for them all to learn, and pay great dividends in the future.

Mistake #6: Forgetting the Kids at the Course (Just Kidding). Let us call this one Taking too Much Time and Getting Stressed Out

I have always been a fan of prompt play. Nothing gets to me quicker than continually waiting on the group in front, or worse, watching the group behind leaning on their clubs waiting for a slow person in my group. When I first started playing golf with my kids and their friends, I would obsess over our pace of play – constantly looking back to make sure we were not holding anyone up. It really robbed me of a lot of the enjoyment I should have been experiencing with kids on the course. The next three ideas sum up the solutions I have found to ease this stress and increase the level of enjoyment for everyone.

Teach your kids that their place on the course is behind the group in front of them, not in front of the group behind them.

Teach your kids how to play ready golf to catch up to the group in front, i.e., it is OK to hit when you are ready, as long as no one is in front of you.

Teach your kids how to let the group behind play through. Make sure to demonstrate the proper etiquette, telling the group playing through to have a great round! What if you have to let more than one group play through? So what, you are out here to have fun, and the longer time spent having fun the better, right?

Mistake #7: Staying Too Long

This one takes a little observation and feel, kind of like the game of golf itself. If they are just getting a little tired, a few words of encouragement from you may work fine to get them through the last few holes. If, on the other hand, their fatigue is affecting their interaction with others (name calling, curt, angry responses to simple comments, etc.), maybe it is time to head for the car. You do not have to blame stopping on them, which will make them feel bad. You can say you are getting tired and you sure could use a cold drink. This way they do not feel like they were on the Bataan Death March and will remember a good time, which is critical in your quest to get them interested in golf.

Playing golf with kids is definitely different than playing golf with your friends, but it can be a rewarding experience. Their youthful energy and natural exuberance can even wear off on you, bringing a whole new level of fun to your own game!

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Nolan Golfing

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Just got his golf clubs, needless to say had trouble getting him to come inside.

Visiting And Golfing In Spain

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Spain is a popular vacation destination, especially if golf is on the agenda. The mild weather year-round, coupled with the beautiful scenery and overabundance of rolling golf courses make golf holidays in Spain a popular vacation choice. No matter your skill level, you can find a golf package that’s perfect for you.

Golfing in Spain

Visit a travel agent or consult the internet to find golf vacations. You can find out about the locations of the course and its degree of difficult. You’ll also find pictures and maps of the courses online.

Many of the upscale golf resorts have a golf pro on site who runs the site’s golf school for guests of the resort. You can get private lessons or lessons with a larger group. Of course, the more people involved in your lesson, the less expensive it will be for you. Some hotels even offer golf instruction for kids. There are also areas to practice between lessons.

Visiting the golf shop can net you new golf clothing and equipment. You can outfit yourself with resort wear, or pick up a golf related item you may have forgotten to pack. Golf clubs and equipment can be cumbersome and inconvenient to bring on your trip, so you can find golf club rental here as well.

The resort’s club house offers a comfortable place to relax and unwind before or after your game. You might find shower amenities and food service.

Sometimes golfers are waylaid by slower golfers in front of them. You might avoid this by taking your shot immediately when it’s your turn, and staying close to the group in front of you, so you’re ready to take your next shot as soon as the group vacates the hole. This can result in a shorter wait time for the players after you. It’s important to be courteous to other players on the course.

Other Activities at Golf Resorts

When you’re not golfing, you can enjoy a variety of other activities. You can go swimming in the hotel pool, or head to a restaurant or shopping. More and more of the upscale resorts have restaurants and shops on site. If this isn’t the case, and you’re interested in those activities, make sure to choose a resort that is in close proximity to these things. If you’ve rented a car, this isn’t as critical, since you’re free to drive where you’d like.

By doing your research, you can have an enjoyable golf holiday in Spain!

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Golfing With A Confident Golf Swing Mindset

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

You’re just about ready to make the first step up onto the tee box and you’re feeling great. Golf shoes are looking good and comfortable. Freshly new pressed golf pants and shirt, and you’re feeling loose and limber, then all of a sudden this big dark cloud appears out of nowhere. You look down the fairway and all you see is water and trees and your asking yourself; how am I going to get this golf ball in the fairway?

I think we have all been there before. The all-important golf shot of the day. This all important golf shot typically sets the pace for the rest of the round mentally. Nobody wants to start off with a bogey or double bogey. Par or better is so important on this first golf hole. The thoughts of anything else keep racing through your mind. The fairway becomes narrower. The trees look like the branches are reaching out into the fairway. The small running creek looks more like a lake before you. The bogeyman is near! If you stand on the tee box any longer at this point, and even in the sweltering heat you may visualize a snowman. Yikes!!! The worst possible start of a long eighteen!

How do we overcome this big shadow of fear that seems to take over our golf swing from time to time? Do you tee it up and hope for the best? Maybe your golf buddy will stand up tall and go first if he’s any kind of friend? Just maybe the easy way out through this jungle would be take a 7 iron and punch it down the fairway. At least you don’t have to take that big ugly swing that may put you in the thick woods of no return. With three good punch shots you might just able to get it close enough to save par?

Let’s not kid ourselves. The golf swing has to happen. The golf club selection is an important one at this point, especially if your knees are feeling weak. You may want to take your favorite wood or long iron that you’re more confident with on this important golf shot.

Walk away from this monster looking view and regain your composure by looking the other way. The most important thing to do when feeling negative is to step back off the tee box and gather your thoughts and hold onto the positive pictures, perhaps by taking some deep breaths and swinging the opposite way. I find that by swinging in the opposite direction, my mind does not pick up any negative thoughts, possibly because I know that there is no hazard in front of me, because I’m golfing the opposite direction. Make any sense?

After you have released all the horrible pictures you have visualized earlier, step back onto the tee box and take a deep breath and release it slowly standing behind the ball. Look down the middle of the fairway and look for a spot on the fairway that you want the ball to land. Visualize the ball landing on that particular spot that you picked out. Step up to the golf ball and take one more look and start the golf swing with a smooth takeaway and accelerated swing through the ball as if you’re playing with a crowd watching along the sidelines.

Your mind will create the golf swing to make the golf shot happen, only if you are relaxed and focusing on the golf swing you are creating mentally. It’s a phenomenon that I cannot explain, but it works.

I guess it goes with the old saying. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe. It will achieve! Positive thoughts bring positive results. Step away from the golf ball when having negative thoughts. It could be too late, halfway through your golf swing.

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