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LOL at little girl playing wii golf

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Watch the end…

The Coolest Golf Cigars in the World- The 2010 edition

Monday, July 12th, 2010

It’s finally golf time. Thank God. You’ve dusted off the â??ole clubs, rounded up your buddies, and shipped the kids off to summer camp.  You’re free. But every good golfer knows (good being a very broad term here) that the cherry on top is always picking the right cigar.


You know the usual suspects: The Montecristo Whites, the Edge Lites, and pretty much anything by Davidoff.  But this is 2010. It’s a new year my friends and with every new year comes new opportunity. I’ll be taking you through some new, more unique or “boutique brands” that you might not of considered for the course. Emerson’s cigars ( is known for carrying these types of cigars at an amazing price with incredible deals so I’ll be focusing on cigars featured in their inventory. So grab a mental (or physical for you forgetful types) pen and take notes. If anything else, you’re going to be able to impress your friends with my plethora of knowledge. But don’t be too impressed- it’s my job. However the most important thing you need to take away from all this?  It’s gonna be a kick butt season.


It’s always good to start off with a good, mild cigar. Some of you seasonal smokers may not have braved the winter to smoke a stogie and could be a little out of practice. Or, you just enjoy a smoother smoke. Who cares. You love mild, good for you. My pick this season is Acid’s line of cigars. I know what you’re thinking, “Infused cigars? Say WHA?” These might track a little more medium than you’re used to but it’s worth it. Acid is the brainchild of Jonathan Drew and every time Drew hears someone say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” he must smile a little inside. That’s because Jonathan Drew is one of those rare innovators that doesn’t let mainstream traditionalists dictate and prevent change. Jonathan did something no one else seemed to be able to do- come up with something new. Acid by Drew Estate has perfected the idea of infusing premium cigars with amazing flavors. You know in order for this concept to work, it had to be executed without flaw. Acid did this through a cutting-edge technique in which he doesn’t cure the tobacco in traditional curing barns but instead what Drew calls, “Aroma Rooms.” You might need top-secret clearance to get into one of these rooms, but word has it that it’s filled with botanicals, spices, oils, and herbs.  These flavors gently infuse the premium, whole long-leaf filler Nicaraguan tobaccos and the combinations seem so seamless you’d think this is the way cigars were supposed to have been designed all along. Acid truly is the “rebirth of cigars.” These cigars can be found at Allow Emerson’s Cigars and Drew Estates to welcome you to the new world.


So maybe you’re lookin’ for more flavor but you’re not quite up for a full-bodied delight. Perhaps you could say you might just need a little more “punch?” (This is my uninspired attempt to segway into my next pick- Punch Uppercut.)  Please don’t let my lack of grammatical seamlessness turn you off. The Punch Uppercut is an exciting and beautiful cigar for the course. Imagine an election where everyone wins. That’s not just the stuff of political fairytale- it’s Uppercut by Punch! The chosen cigar from a national taste test called the “Election” promotion, Democrats and Republicans alike can all agree that this cigar is good for America. By masterfully blending the rich flavors of Punch with that sought-after spiciness of Nicaraguan tobacco, the Uppercut is an amazing medium-bodied addition to any ticket. A silky Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper finishes this unique cigar with palate-loving flavors as warming as Mom’s apple pie. The verdict? The Uppercut is a knock-out Punchâ?¦especially for the golf course. Check out for pricing.


Now for the fun of full bodied cigars. It’s really hard to chose only one full-bodied cigar for 2010 because there have been so many amazing creations this year. However, I have to give it up to Kristoff’s creator, Glen Case. He makes my list for the coolest cigars for the golf course with the Vengeance Maduro Ligero. This cigar just landed at Emerson’s Cigars a couple months ago and is flying off the shelves. That’s because Glen Case is back with a Vengeance. Literally. After the highly acclaimed success of his Kristoff line, Exclusive Cigars is back with the Vengeance Ligero Maduro I’m definitely like a kid in a candy store. I recently got to meet Glen Case at one of the Superstar Cigar Events for Emerson’s Cigars brick and mortars. They have a bunch of big names this year so check the website. Glen gave me a little insight into the Vengeance and it’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be. An amazing Brazilian Maduro wrapper is combined with a Cuban-seed Honduran binder and Cuban-seed Dominican and Cuban-seed Honduran fillers which produces a fantastically awesome full-bodied smoke. This one-of-a-kind flavor profile consists of espresso, dried apricot, and chocolate with a perfect spicy/sweet finish .  No matter what kind of day you’re having on the course, this cigar will get you through it.


So that’s all folks! I’m super excited for the 2010 golf season. Beautiful weather, challenging courses, and fantastic cigars await us. In fact, I’m going to stop wasting my time writing about it and get out there. I suggest you do the same. You can find all the cigars I described at or at one of their five brick and mortars in Hampton Roads, VA.  Happy golfing!!



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Revive Yourself With A Luxury Holiday To Heritage Golf And Spa Resort In Mauritius

Monday, July 12th, 2010

A luxury holiday is what you deserve at least once in a year. The tedious routine of life calls for a break and you need to rejuvenate yourself in order to be in a better position to get back to work with a fresh mind and body. Nothing is like a holiday to a beautiful and serene place where you can indulge in luxury and unwind. In addition, which place can be better than Mauritius, which is no less than heaven on earth?


Heritage Golf and Spa Resort in particular is well recognised as the most luxurious and soothing place to have a holiday in Mauritius. In the lap of Mother Nature, Heritage Golf and Spa Resort will pamper you to the fullest and make all your dreams come true. The beautiful setting of the resort together with peerless facilities makes it the perfect holiday place for you.  


The ambience of Heritage Golf and Spa Resort is completely mesmerising. Located on the south coast of Mauritius, this resort is the perfect embodiment of luxury packed together with natural beauty. The rooms at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort are comfortable, and luxurious. You can opt for luxury rooms, suits or villas depending on your personal preference. Each option is brimming with great facilities such as swimming pools, private terrace, and butler services, to name a few.


The experience you will have at Heritage will certainly be like no other. It is the elegance and charisma of this resort, which lures tourist from all around the world. Apart from its great position in the heart of stunning Island of Mauritius, Heritage Golf and Spa Resort possesses everything you can dream for on a luxury holiday. From great golf courses to astounding Spa, from kids’ recreational activities to mouth-watering cuisines, Heritage Golf and Spa Resort quenches the passion of tourists with various inclinations.


The Spa at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort is fantastic. It offers as many as 20 treatments to ensure you have the most soothing and refreshing experience during your trip to Mauritius. Be it massage services or consultation, heated pools or pedicure and manicure, you will have the most astounding experience at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort.

The sports centre at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort is superb too. All the sports freaks will find enough space to indulge in a number of sports activities and satisfy their passion for outdoor recreation. The kids’ club has much to entertain the children of various age groups. There are outdoor as well as indoor activities in which children can take part in at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort.


The lush green gold course is one of the major attractions of Heritage Golf and Spa Resort, which makes Mauritius all the more appealing for many.


There is dance, party, and all sorts of recreational activities at Heritage Golf and Spa Resort, which will make your trip to Heritage Golf and Spa an unforgettable memory. If you wish to revive yourself as you have never before, there is certainly no better place to head to than Heritage Golf and Spa Resort.


For Mauritius holidays to Heritage Golf and Spa Resort visit

Getting Quality Golf Instruction on a Budget

Monday, July 12th, 2010

It must be nice to drive around in a little golf cart and play the perfect game on a perfect green. Golfers everywhere are envying you as we speak. What’s that? You aren’t driving around in a cute little cart or playing a perfect game? And no one is envious of your supremely skilled game? One would assume that means Tiger Woods isn’t on hold on line 2 then. Odds are good that Tiger is never going to be eagerly awaiting your call, but that doesn’t mean that with effective golf instruction you can’t be the envy of the green.

Let’s face it; most of us can’t afford private lessons with a pro or even with the local country club’s golf instructor. Knowing where to look and what to look for go a long way in finding help with golf instruction however. It doesn’t matter if you play on the finest golf courses in the world or join up with your buddies occasionally for a round on the local public course. In this era of high speed information the tips, hints, and techniques used by golf pros can be at your fingertips.

Finding advice on golf instruction is simple really. Books and magazines are printed by the hundreds on this very subject. Either one would be an excellent addition to your birthday or Christmas wish list. It is a good bet that your significant other would be delighted with an original gift idea and at the same time give themselves the gift of not hearing you lament your golf game anymore. Check out the library for a selection of books that highlight every different aspect of the game of golf. This technique will save you bundles on your bill at the local bookstore. Another way the library can be useful in finding golf instruction is in their DVD department. Check out the ones that seem interesting. The DVDs you find especially helpful can always be purchased later. When your golf skills dramatically improve all your friends will think you spent a mint on private lessons. They’ll be so jealous.

While talking about acquiring golf instruction on a budget, don’t underestimate the usefulness of friends and family. If golf is a family passion, maybe Mom or Dad has some helpful hints that you overlooked. And the friend you are always trying to impress with your game may be the perfect instructor. You can always sway him by stating the obvious, if he helps you, just maybe he will at least have a little competition the next time the two of you hit the greens together. That should be enough to encourage some cooperation.

The information highway is the place to go for information on all kinds of subjects. You already pay for your Internet connection, make it earn its keep. There are countless websites and forums dedicated to the game of golf and many of them offer tips on a wide variety of golfing issues. For example, you can learn the best clubs to use for each shot and how to factor weather conditions into your game. This is seriously some useful golf instruction. Your budget will love you because you are using a resource that is already paid for.

When most people think about golf instruction it is rarely associated with inexpensive. Considering that golf course time, the equipment, and golfing extras tend to cost so much, budget golf instruction is the way to go. Who knows? Before long maybe Tiger will be calling, or maybe not. Either way you will be playing better and the kids can still go to college.

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Golf Borneo

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Sutera Golf/Spa Megaresort, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Crack! Splash. Those two sounds are the first that I hear on arrival at the driving range. They signal that another golfer has just hooked a ball into the moat.

Soon I am emulating that feat and feeling bad about the waste of equipment. Happily, however, the balls are low-density, which means they float and can be retrieved.

So, as the two Aussies (both called Andrew) who run the course might say, “no worries”. After I have had a blast at the range, Perth product Andrew Farmers, 23, rounds me up and chauffeurs me in a buggy to the 27-hole championship course, which also offers night-golfing, should that take your fancy.

All palm trees, lakes and undulation, the course borders the South China Sea and embodies my idea of what a desert island should look like. Except that it is part of the 384-acre Sutera megaresort on the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the Malaysian-Borneo state of Sabah. Farmers describes the course, which boasts the biggest bunker I have seen – about the size of a tennis court – as “picturesque but lots of trouble”.

Are they not always? I have never understood why people play golf to relax. In my experience, the game is about as relaxing as missing a flight.

Then again, the last time I played was in England on a vast nettle-infested stretch of rough flanked by cliffs. Because of the wind every shot turned into a hook – the trick was to slice hard and hope.

Teeing up, Farmers executes a graceful shot that sails lazily for about a kilometre and then lazily veers left and lands straight on the green. Five shots later, I am there too.

Behind me, the fairway bears my scars. Farmers tweaks my technique gently, telling me to bend from the waist not the knees and to stand further away from the ball.

Subsequently, one shot I make proves to be a divot-chiselling lob into the bushes. The next, a retry, fizzes down the fairway.

“You just have to work out what you did differently with the first and second shots,” Farmers says. Quite. I already knew that your initial alignment can make all the difference between success and humiliation – what I hadn’t realised was how hard it is to get it right.

So too can be “getting into the zone” or maintaining the so-called “iceberg profile”. “Golf is very psychological,” Farmers says.

He cites how German maestro Bernhard Langer suffers from “the yips”, which means losing your grip and fluffing repeatedly on the putting green. Langer has been known to take five putts before hearing the satisfying rattle. “That’s got to scar you psychologically,” he says.

He adds that everyone, no matter how experienced, chokes putts and generally makes duff shots. “The moment you think you’ve conquered it, you’re kidding yourself,” he says.

Few would argue except perhaps Tiger Woods, whom Farmers describes as “way ahead of anyone else”. The reason: he is the complete golfer who can benchpress one-and-a-half times his own weight and play percentages successfully: when in a tight spot, instead of making a desperate hack for the hole, he plays a safety shot, lobbing back onto the fairway.

I never know whether I am about to belt the ball so that it blazes down the freeway, or to hack a slab of grass further than the projectile. Farmers tells me I have pretty good hand-eye co-ordination for an occasional golfer. Some amateurs cannot hit the ball at all, which means they must spend remedial time on the range.

I can understand how someone might miss completely. During the course of our session, I execute an air shot myself.

That said, as Farmers points out with a grin, how hard can making contact be? The ball is not moving. Think of other sports such as tennis where it does not just wait at your feet.

The key lesson I learn is not to prod when trying to escape from a bunker. Thump the ball hard. That does the trick, preventing those gut-wrenching moments when the thing rolls back to where it started from in the sand.

Once, from the tee, I manage to land the ball in front of a fallen coconut, making direct progress impossible. Another time, after a violent slice, the ball rockets towards some other golfers, who are mercifully saved by a palm tree whose branches it rattles and ricochets around. Eventually, outdoing either stroke, I hoist a ball into the South China Sea, much to Farmers’ amusement.

At least it travelled and lifted. My putts are mostly average because I struggle to read the degree of slant and “break” successfully, which means the ball veers crazily, gaining so much momentum that it rolls from one end of the green to the other.

My finest putt comes at the final hole where, in a case of “quitter’s luck”, I sink a 15-footer. What a buzz.

Consistency, Farmers says again and again, is just a question of repetition. Doubtless, if I practise like Tiger Woods or Sabah product VJ Singh, who both put in about 12 hours a day, in no time my game will be “birdie, birdie, birdie”.

My only gripe with golf is its current “obesogenic” flavour. Thanks to the cart, which admittedly reduces aggravation, keeps traffic flowing and is good for business, the average visitor takes minimal exercise. I feel only a touch more puffed than I do after, say, peeling an orange. Being rather larger than I ought to be and in danger of going up yet another trouser size, I mull over how I am to get further exercise today. I eventually and maybe somewhat lazily opt for a lengthy, high-repetition-rate bout of lifting half a kilo of liquid and glass up and down, in the lovely and well-appointed club-house, after which I feel as fit as a proverbial fiddle.

Whilst in Thailand, why not visit one of the country’s currently best three beach destinations:

Koh Lao Liang:

Ao Nang:


Runs Andaman Sky Co., Ltd, specialising in climbing and diving trips to Thailand?s best beach destinations.

Be A Golf Mentor

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Those of us who have been playing golf for any length of time understand that is more than just a game. There’s no denying that golf instills certain physical attributes and that it’s good exercise but there’s more to it than that, and most golfers that I know would wholeheartedly agree. That extra component that golf offers its players is a set of life skills that serve us daily–whether we know it or not. This holds true for new golfers as well as they begin to learn the game and appreciate its overall value not just on the course but in life in general.

But golf isn’t like basketball or soccer or baseball when it comes to our younger players. Kids who want to play but don’t have the resources to buy the needed equipment or mentors to teach them the game are pretty much left out. The truth is golf can be horribly expensive, even at the junior level.

So what can the average Joe do about this?

That depends on how much you want to do.

If you live a metro area, chances are there are mentoring programs already in place. A call or visit to one might lead you into taking personal, active action by becoming a mentor. If you don’t have the time or feel as if you don’t have the skills to teach others, perhaps you can do other things to help the program. More on this below.

If you live a rural area or an area that simply doesn’t have a golf mentor program at all, well, consider creating your own mentoring program. You don’t have to be a pro to teach a youngster the fundementals of the game. Schedule a chat with your course manager and discuss the idea with him or her and see if you can’t work something out.

If you’re not the mentoring type, consider donating to a program. Many golfers (at least the ones I know) have old clubs and bags sitting in their garages that they will never use again. Why let them gather dust and spider webs? Give them to a program of your choice and let someone else enjoy them. Even if you only have a few old clubs (meaning less than a full set, or even an old putter or driver)…donate it/them.

Frankly, I think it’s something of a shame that kids who can’t afford clubs or have no one to teach them this game are left out. It doesn’t have to be that way, and you could be the one to change that in your community.

Think about it.

Robert Partain has been an avid golfer for over 40 years. He publishes a golf blog that is updated 4 times a week with tips, golf techniques, and information.

The Bridge Center to host annual golf tournament at Old Scotland Links and Lakeville Country Club on July 19

Thursday, July 8th, 2010



A scramble format will be in play for the Classic. Entry fee is $250 per person and includes golf fees, cart, prizes, lunch and buffet dinner. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to The Bridge Center. Of the $250 entrée fee, $175 is tax deductible.


“The Golf Classic is the largest fundraiser we hold every year and is always well attended, which is why we’re holding it on two courses,” said Jenn Harber, The Bridge Center’s Executive Director. “In the past, this event has sold out, so anybody interested in playing for a great cause should sign up by June 30.”


Interested golfers can register for the Classic online on The Bridge Center’s Web site at If you can’t make the golf tournament, you can attend the dinner for $75, including cocktails. Registration for dinner is also done via The Bridge Center’s Web site.


In addition to the golf tournament, a live auction will be held during dinner. Channel 5’s Susan Wornick, a longtime supporter of The Bridge Center, will be the guest auctioneer.


If you own a business and are interested in sponsoring the Golf Classic, you can get more information by clicking on the Golf Classic link on The Bridge Center’s home page.


About The BridgeCenter

The Bridge Center, which is the new name for Handi Kids, was founded by the Knights of Pythias in 1963. The Bridge Center’s beautiful 20-acre campus is located in Bridgewater, MA and provides accessible play and skill-building activities for all children regardless of the nature or severity of their disability. Year-round activities include nine weeks of summer camp, therapeutic horseback riding, school vacation camps, holiday parties, Saturday programs, teen programs, vocational training, after-school activities and family support groups. 


The Bridge Center also offers carefully designed summer programs and social skills groups designed to meet the social and behavioral needs of children with Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and related challenges.


If you’d like to learn more about The Bridge Center’s programs or are interested in becoming a supporter, please call (508) 697-7557 or send an e-mail to

Behind-the-scenes Golf Stories Uncovered

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

The Golf Book traces the game’s impact from its roots in the 15th century and celebrates the game’s greatest players, performances and stunning landscapes, from the Scottish hills of St. Andrews to the breathtaking cliffs of Pebble Beach.

Interspersed with rare photos of Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson and Francis Ouimet are equally stunning photos of a grinning Richard Nixon just after he made a hole-in-one at Bel-Air Country Club in 1959, W.C. Fields using a driver as a fishing pole; Jack Nicklaus behind the counter of the elder Nicklaus’ Columbus, Ohio, pharmacy; and Paula Creamer doing a cartwheel in front of St. Andrews’ Swilcan Bridge during the 2007 Ricoh Women’s British Open.

The sport also lends itself to descriptive storytelling, which the book captures with the award-winning work of Frank Deford, George Plimpton, Gary Smith, Dan Jenkins and others.

Three photographers and four writers tee up short hits on what it takes to capture a great photo or write a compelling story.

A man in his underwear

At this year’s World Golf Championships-CA Championship at Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, photographer Kyle Auclair was in the right place at the right time when Henrik Stenson started stripping to hit a shot out of a water hazard:

“Stenson was two shots off the lead and Tiger (Woods) was in the group behind him. Everyone was following Tiger, so I wanted to get ahead of him and maybe shoot something different. It was Thursday morning, so I didn’t want to have the same thing as everybody else. And it’s tough to get anything different when everyone is following the same group. So I went ahead and got lucky.

“I didn’t know Stenson was going to take his clothes off. I thought he was just joking around, playing it up for the gallery. Then he took his shirt off and I thought this could be something big. Then he took his pants off. And everyone was laughing. And he was talking to me because I was the only photographer there and he was saying, ‘Come on, man, don’t take these pictures.’ He was playing with Ryuji Imada and Ben Curtis and they were egging me on to take the photos. I took about 16 photos.”

The quintessential Sports Illustrated writer

That’s what Larry King calls Dan Jenkins. Born during the Depression, Jenkins has enriched readers’ lives with his wit and humor in more than 500 articles in SI and more than 20 books, including Dead Solid Perfect, Semi-Tough: A Novel and The Franchise Babe. Although retired, he writes a monthly column for Golf Digest and even started tweeting in 2009.

“To write a great story you have to start by having a winner somebody has ever heard of. The more famous the player the more stature it gives the event. It’s much easier to write about Jack Nicklaus (Golf Tips From Jack Nicklaus) than it is to write about somebody you’ve never heard of. It’s easier to write about Tiger (Woods).

“We don’t root for people, we root for journalism. We root for stories. When you wrote for Sports Illustrated, you had to absorb the tournament for three or four days and on Sunday night, you were on deadline and you had to tell a story. Every day was important — but there was always a defining moment. And then you kick that defining moment to death. That takes some experience. And it takes experience to leave things out. You run across marvelous and hilarious anecdotes but if they don’t follow the theme of the story, you file them away and use them some other time.

“I grew up in Texas and I grew up with golf and college football — those were the two most important things because of Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson and Jimmy Demaret and Lee Trevino. If you don’t like golf and college football as a kid, they drown you. I like both of them equally. Golf is really fun and it’s beautiful and it’s classy and it’s elegant — but college football is important. People live and die with college football.”

Shooting a Tiger

Photographer Fred Vuich took two memorable pictures of Tiger Woods — one of him hitting out of a fairway bunker surrounded by fans during the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, and a cover shot of Woods hitting his tee shot on the 18th hole at Augusta National during the 2001 Masters.

“Luck plays a lot into getting a great shot. The picture of Tiger out of the bunker — Robert (Beck) was in the spot I preferred to be in. I got there late so I took a spot opposite Beck. And my angle turned out better.

“The picture of Tiger at Augusta was planned from Wednesday. So we planned on using a special camera. It was before digital. I was shocked to see the photo on the cover of the magazine. That it got the kind of shelf life that it has. The Tiger cover was one frame. It was a camera without a motor drive. It was manual focus and it was one frame.”

four writers tee up short hits on what it takes to write a compelling story (including Phil Mickeison’s major moment)

Copyright reserved by

Golf is an attitude.

Discount Golf Equipment

Medicus Golf Review – Pros and Cons

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Medicus Review – Is This Contraption A Scam?

Turn on the Golf Channel and your bound to see a Medicus Golf info-commercial. Mark Oâ??Meara and Camilo Villegas both seem to be sporting major woodies as they preach about this floppy hunk of steel…

So are these 2 dudes legit or just collecting a paycheck from Medicus Golf?

When I went to my local pro shop I was a little put off by the price, $149.00.
(especially when I could try it risk free online for $39.95 and free shipping)

So I asked the club pro if I could test the medicus driver out risk free…

He said sure, but if you break it you own it!
(I said to myself, “doesn’t sound very risk free if you ask me”)

But I digress…

At first I thought this thing would break in two…

So I gingerly began to swing this medicus “hittable” driver trying desparately not to break it(especially after the guy behind the counter snarled at me about not breaking it).

After swinging the medicus driver a few times I was shocked at how heavy it felt…

It took me about 15 minutes before I learned how to swing the Medicus without it breaking (I guess I had some flaws in my swing) :)

Here’s more…

After I felt confident I could swing this thing without the hinges breaking – I began to whack some balls with it…

This Medicus thing-a-ma-jig began to feel like it was swinging itself – I kid you not!

Each shot was actually coming right off the screws, shot after shot.

It’s true the Medicus Driver can be a bit spendy, I was put off by the cost as well…

Then I began to think – lessons from that loud mouth down the road costs my humble golfing community $150 for 5 sessions… with a 2 week waiting list – not the kind of instant feed back I was looking for…

You know what, maybe this funky little thing might be a good investment in my golf game…

Then I said to myself “I pay a lot of money to play this frustrating and humbling game of golf, why not play my best?

The Medicus Driver also comes with golf tips videos and a putter training aid that teaches you to rock the shoulders, the proper way to putt.

Make sure you buy this baby from the Medicus Golf site, you’ll get FREE shipping and it will ship within 24 hours.

Don’t make the mistake my bud made and buy the Medicus Driver on Ebay or Craigslist – You might not get the bonuses and shipping time could take forever.

Also, if you have order issues with any of these non medicus golf sites, are you sure they will be taken care of??…

Something to think about…

Play well.

-John Lynch

Click here and check out the medicus driver risk free for $39.95

John Lynch is owner of No. 1 Golf Book Reviews and has reviewed hundreds of golf instructional products. To find out how to try the Medicus Driver risk free for $39.95, John recommends you visit===>

Cheapest Golf Wholesale Equipment Callaway Diablo Edge Driver Best Sale

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Free Shipping Callaway Diablo edge Driver on

The golf wholesale equitment Callaway Diablo Edge Driver follows is the latest addition to the popular and attention-grabbing Diablo range and boasts the largest sweet spot of any titanium driver produced by Callaway.

Callaway’s engineers have guaranteed the weight efficiency of the Diablo Edge golf driver by using a four piece, ultra thin titanium construction process with each component made to exacting standards and fused together to precisely distribute the weight. This greater weight efficency allows the Diablo Edge to offer extra distance and a penetrating ball flight.

Continuing their commitment to using the very latest technology in designing their clubs Callaway have introduced a new Chemically Milled Hyperbolic Cup Face that uses a chemical reduction process to produce extreme precision in clubface thickness. This encourages consistently high ball speeds across the large Diablo Edge Driver sweetspot.

A new, aerodynamic clubhead has also been introduced which has helped Callaway reduce drag by up to 8% while a weight chip positioned to the rear of the clubhead produces a slight draw bias along with Callway’s highest ever moment of inertia.

Multi Material Madness
Whereas the original Diablo continued in the line of Callaway’s All Titanium X-Face Drivers, leaving the world of Composites to the FT–Series, this one refines the all titanium driver series  and brings it into the four-piece chemically bonded world, while also adding a dash of composite materials into the body and crown. The weight saved was not shaved as in competitor’s models; in fact, this is no featherweight–she sports a swingweight of D4.The weight has, however, not only redistributed but re-balanced as well. This helps the driver score big points in Balance, Distance, and Forgiveness. The original bullet shape has been refined, and Callaway claims she has,” 8% less drag than the previous model.” After swinging it, I believe this claim. She does feel a touch faster.
This club is definitely a shade longer than the original. I believe there are several factors responsible for this. While the original sported the same hot “X-Face” technology that Callaway has been refining for several years, this newer model, similar to the new FT iZ Model, also features said  an X-Face technology that has  been “Chemically Milled.” As I explained in the FT iZ review, this process is similar to the old “Acid Dipping” process we used to use to remove dead weight from the heavy gauge steel bodies of our old hot rods when we were kids. Similarly to the old GTO’s and Plymouth Belvedere’s of our generation, this newer “Chemically Milled Face” has had the dynamic spots made larger, and the deader spots made much smaller. Though all drivers max out at .830 COR by USGA Regulations, the entire face does feel more consistent. Hit one of these anywhere near the sweet spot–and that ball is going to fly.
More than anyone, I am certainly glad to see Callaway say goodbye to the practice of  low bidders winning the rights to slapping an RHC Logo on shafts of cheap build quality that reflect their “Low Bidder Wins The Contract Heritage.” Instead, these babies are sporting Aldila Shafts that are directly from the NV and NVS Bloodline. While there are certainly shafts out there that are hotter than the Habanero, there are darn few out there that sport this consistency and build quality. When one considers that the two diffrent versions of this cshaft employed by Callaway are almost perfect fits in every way for both The Joe Six Pack Driver Head, as well as The Tour Version Head,  this shaft, with its variations in kickpoint, is part and parcel of the whole package. Whether you are speaking Lite Flex, Regular Flex, or Stiff Flex, you are still only swinging 60 grams with a mid torque rating. The lower kickpoint version is a good fit for this Joe Six Pack version as the 9 and 10* versions sport neutral face settings, whereas the 11 and 13* versions are 1* Closed. Sadly lefties will only find 10 and 11* models as options.

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