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Going To A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon For Liposuction Is Paramount

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Cosmetic surgeons have found that plastic surgery patients are getting confused about lipoplasty due to the proliferation of advertising by companies and untrained doctors that are not adequately trained to perform liposuction. These gimmicks misguide body contouring patients, and their goal is to guide the average patient towards finding the best cosmetic surgeon for them.

The first and foremost thing you can do to ensure you get the best treatment is to make sure that your cosmetic surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery. If you are interested in laser liposuction, then find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs laser liposuction. If the surgeon about to perform surgery on you is not listed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, then you should be asking yourself if you have found the right provider for you.

Why is going to a board certified plastic surgeon is paramount? Consider this patient, who went to a person calling themselves a “cosmetic surgeon” and was given liposuction instead of a tummy tuck Even though the “latest” technology machine was used, what the patient should have been told is that she needed a tummy tuck procedure, not liposuction. There is a limit to how much skin will tighten after the procedure, but if your surgeon is not board certified in plastic surgery, he may not be well trained in the intricacies of cosmetic surgery, even if he or she calls themselves a cosmetic surgeon. Fortunately, the patient had corrective surgery with a board certified plastic surgeon and did well, but she could have avoided the cost and risk of the first surgery had she checked on her “surgeon”’s background.

One must differentiate between the many different techniques and technologies available: technique used, technology used, and anesthesia used.

All liposuction procedures start with the infusion of Tumescent Fluid. Tumescent fluid is composed of lactated ringers, epinephrine for bleeding control, lidocaine for pain control, and bicarbonate to make the infusion less painful. The exact dosages used depend on the area being treated. Sometimes you may see some one refer to the wet technique, or super-wet technique. This means they are infusing more or less tumescent than the fat being removed. There are reasons to do so, but ultimately beyond knowing that all techniques (laser, smartlipo, vaser, traditional, tumescent…) will start with this fluid solution being infiltrated in the area to be treated.

After the infusion of the solution above, the surgeon may decide to use a fat breaking and/or skin tightening technology. The skin tightening and fat breaking technologies fall into Lasers (smartlipo, coollipo, slimlipo, lypotherme…) or ultrasound (vaser, mentor). There is also a power-assisted liposuction called microaire, and there is a water jet assisted machine, and those machines help break up the fat. Typically, a surgeon will either use conventional (no machine, hand assisted) or one of the technologies that he has chosen to purchase. In the right hands, most plastic surgeons do not believe that one machine is clearly superior to the other.

Rather, the experienced plastic surgeon can achieve excellent results using any of these technologies. A good analogy is a golf club. A professional golfer will beat an average person’s golf game even if you give him a kid’s set while they use the latest and most expensive set. Similarly, surgeons believe that a well trained board certified cosmetic surgeon will always get superior result to a doctor who is pursuing lipoplasty without the years of training and the aesthetic eye.

The basic decision with anesthesia is awake or asleep. Many cosmetic surgery patients want to stay awake during the procedure to avoid general anesthesia. During awake procedures, the patient is kept comfortable by the numbing medication. Often, plastic surgeon will also prescribe some pills to diminish anxiety and discomfort. For patients who are getting many areas treated and want to do them all at once, then a surgeon may recommend general anesthesia to ensure their comfort.

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Top 5 Things You are Going to Love in Santa Cruz CA

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Santa Cruz, California is a historical area. Long before the rise of San Francisco, Santa Cruz was a hub for freedom lovers and political activists. Today, Santa Cruz is still a hub of activity, but there are places for tourists to go if they want to enjoy the sights and sounds of this town in California. Here are the five must-see places if you chance to go by Santa Cruz.

First, try the Harley Davidson Museum. Whether you are a biker or not, you can still enjoy and appreciate the iconic motorcycles, with their polished exteriors and unique make. Try bringing the kids so that they can enjoy looking at years and years of history through the eyes of bikers that plied roads and bridges with their noisy engines and shining bikes.

Second, walk down the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. You can ride at the amusement park by the sea. The Boardwalk has been around since 1907; its Giant Dipper roller coaster has been a thrilling ride for decades. You can also enjoy a carousel, mini-golf, arcades, and other attractions such as shopping and outdoor concerts. And, with the ocean right next to you, you can get a lot of sea air into your lungs and relax to the sound of the waves as you explore the beach.

Third, you can commune with the universe through Lick Observatory. One of the leading astronomical observatories and research centers, Lick Observatory features presentations on the history of the facility, as well as tours of the refractor and reflector.

Fourth, you can play golf t the Pasatiempo Golf Club. With part of its course overlooking Monterey Bay, you can have a great view of the ocean while playing your favorite sport. The Pasatiempo Golf Club has long been hailed with praises from different magazines, both golf and travel; and is popular for outings and corporate meetings.

Fifth, if you’re in the mood for strange things, then go to Mystery Spot. For nearly six decades, Mystery Spot has been puzzling and wowing visitors with deviations in light movement and gravity, as well as changing visitors’ perceptions of space and velocity. Located on a property in Santa Cruz, you can come to Mystery Spot and have a tour of the facilities, where you can get your share of all the mystery that you want.

These are only a few places that you can visit when you drop by Santa Cruz, California. Ask your tour operator and travel agent for more details on what you can do, where you can stay, and how you can get there.

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How to Get Golf on the School Curriculum Without Going to the Golf Course

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Children are exposed to a variety of sports from a young age at school, at after-school clubs and at school-holiday activity breaks. Trying a range of sports enables them to discover where their talents and passions lie.

But the range of sports being offered is hardly comprehensive and children arenâ??t really getting the chance to try everything â?? including one of the most important games that is even being considered for the next Olympics â?? golf.

The problem is that it is completely impractical to take kids en mass to a golf course, which means that golf is one sport kids all seem to miss out on as part of their physical education.

The solution then is to provide something that offers an indoor golf coaching system; something that feels real and that gives the children the opportunity to properly swing a club and take a shot, and then see how theyâ??ve done.

An indoor golf training aid that gives instant feedback would enable schools and sports clubs to introduce students to golf without even stepping outside the sports hall. It would need a scoring system to provide the opportunity to make the coaching competitive â?? very important where children are concerned because adding an element of competition always increases concentration and dedication.

Whatever golf coaching aid is chosen, it must be possible to use it safely in a confined space such as a sports hall. It must have a scoring system and give instant feedback so that it is ideal for schools and activity centres wishing to add golf tutoring to their curriculum. It will eliminate the need for trips to the golf course, and make the sport accessible to everyone at school, at the sports centre, at the gym or even at home.

Maybe the next leading lights in golf are in your class or members of your sports club? How will you ever know if you donâ??t give them the opportunity to try the game? Get kids playing golf â?? indoors in your sports hall â?? as part of the sports curriculum. Our future sports personalities may depend on it!

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