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Fathers Day Gifts Sure to Please Your Dad

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Ask any father what he wants for Father’s Day, and the answer will be “Not another tie or golf club”. It’s easier to buy gifts for moms, considering there are so many options available for women. But when it comes to buying Father’s Day gifts for dads, it’s easy to run out of ideas. What will dads like to get on Father’s Day?

Well, it depends. Does your dad like to read? Or is he one of those types who can spend hours with maps? Here are some ideas for great customized Father’s Day gifts sure to please your dad, depending on if he is a(n):

1. Environmentalist Dad Belkin conserve : Here is a gift idea for dads trying to make all those subtle changes to our lives that conserve energy. By now, everyone has heard that a lot of energy is wasted on all those devices that sit drinking up juice while in “stand-by” mode. This power strip allows you to really turn off six of its eight outlets using a tiny remote control (you can glue it to the wall – I think it’s mostly there to save you the energy of bending down to the wall outlet). Two plugs are left unswitched so you can keep the DVR or VCR (does anyone have those now?) on while you’re out or away.

2. Boy Scout Dad Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Key Multi-Tool : We love the Swiss Tech key tool. It folds into a key-like object that fits unobtrusively on a key ring. It doesn’t take any space, looks just like a key, and yet has so many features that any boy scout, pre-adolescent or middle-aged will be pleased. In a small space, you have a Phillips and regular screwdriver, a bottle opener, a knife, and a file. Sure, you wouldn’t want to use these tools to renovate your kitchen, but like any pocket knife, all that stuff comes in handy often enough to be glad you’ve got it. My wife and I both have one and never travel without it. In polished stainless steel. A bit pricey at $19.99, but worth every penny.

3. Book Lover Dad Daddy’s Little Girl: Stories of the Special Bond Between Fathers and Daughters by Gregory E. Lang If you have a daughter, it’s hard not to get a little emotional reading this collection of anecdotes compiled by Gregory Lang (author of more pithy books like “Why a daughter Needs a Dad: 100 reasons”). This is not a “deep” book, but it does get at a lot of important truths about the importance of a father to little (and big) girls. Sometimes, that’s also what dads need to give an extra push to their efforts. We all need to know that all those hours pushing swings and replacing toy batteries are the foundation of an enduring relationship that doesn’t end suddenly at adolescence. There has been plenty of research that shows this to be true, but Mr. Lang, in this compilation of his own and others’ stories relates how this plays out in different ways. For the dad of a young girl, it also gives a not-always-comfortable (read morbid) look into the future when kids are grown up and dad is looking at what he’s leaving behind as a legacy rather than what he is building in the here and now.

4. Cartophile Dad Hometown Map Jigsaw Puzzle Centered On Your Home : From the New York Times store, this unique, made-to-order jigsaw puzzle features a map that centers on your home. The map, an extract from the renowned U.S. Geological Survey, has fascinating details and provides names of main roads, contour lines, transport infrastructure, water features, vegetation, and shows notable buildings/structures. Personalized for $44.95.

5. Gamer Dad Wii from Nintendo : Permission to buy a video game console. It now seems universally permissible to add a Wii to the family entertainment options. Either dad already has one or he’s waiting for you to say it’s okay to let one in the house. Now with the addition of Wii Fit, even moms can rationalize getting in a round of Mario Tennis before dinner. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a strategy, it’s still impossible to walk into a store and buy one of these. You’ll either have to scope out deliveries at your local electronics store or plan to pay $100 over the MSRP to buy one online. We have found no other real options.

6. Traveling Dad “Bushnell Powerview 12×25 Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular (Black)” (Bushnell) : With slightly more magnification (12X versus the usual 10X) in a compact package, these are good portable binoculars for travel dads and sporting events. At around $20, this is a great little binocular.

7. Beer Lover Dad Krups BeerTender : For the beer lover, the Krups BeerTender, a countertop “kegerator” for the 5 liter minikegs of Heineken beer is just perfect to give you the perfect pour every time. The tap keeps the beer at 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Some models come with a 30-days freshness countdown counter. Attention: meant only to be used with Heineken mini-kegs.

8. Photographer Dad Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5K 9MP Digital Camera with 10x Wide Angle MEGA Optical Image Stabilized Zoom Time to get a new family digital camera. We’ve had great luck with our little Panasonic Lumix D9 with its Leica lens. Now Panasonic has a new model that shoots at 9MP (far more than mortals actually need), but also sports HD output. The optical stabilization is top notch and it has a 10X zoom. Only $350.

Father’s Day is not just about burnt toast, breakfast in bed, or that brand new tie. It’s a day for children to express their love and gratitude for the unsung hero in their lives.

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Famous Fathers Day Poems

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Buying Dad ties, power tools, ball game tickets, and other gifts for Father’s Day are all acceptable ways to thank dad. We tend to go for more sentimental ideas, though writing on a poem on a card attached to a gift goes over pretty well too.

Your kids can easily write their own poems as well. Just start with “Roses are red, Violets are blue,” and have them finish the rest. Even the grouchiest of dads can’t resist a young child reading an ode to them.

Here are a few noted Fathers Day poems. Some are a bit corny; some are more literary. It’s up to you to write your own card, or decide what fits your dad best.

Father’s Day Poem #1: A Poem for Dads

Though we may not shower him with praise

Nor mention his name in song,

Though sometimes it seems that we forget

The joy he spreads as he goes along,

It doesn’t mean that we don’t know

The wonderful role that he has had.

And away down deep in every heart

There’s a place that is just for Dad…..

– Anonymous

Father’s Day Poem #2: Admiring fathers

Look at him there in his stovepipe hat,

His high-top shoes, and his handsome collar;

Only my Daddy could look like that,

And I love my Daddy like he loves his Dollar.

– William Jay Smith

Father’s Day Poem #3: To My Father

It matters not that Time has shed

His thawless snow upon your head,

For he maintains, with wondrous art,

Perpetual summer in your heart.

– William Hamilton Hayne

Father’s Day Poem #4: The Child Is Father to the Man

“The child is father to the man.”

How can he be? The words are wild.

Suck any sense from that who can:

“The child is father to the man.”

No; what the poet did write ran,

“The man is father to the child.”

“The child is father to the man!”

How can he be? The words are wild.

– Gerard Manley Hopkins

Father’s Day Poem #5: The Little Boy Lost

“Father! Father! where are you going?

O do not walk so fast.

Speak, father, speak to your little boy,

Or else I shall be lost.”

The night was dark, no father was there;

The child was wet with dew;

The mire was deep, & the child did weep,

And away the vapor flew.

– William Blake

Father’s Day Poem #6: Anecdote for Fathers

I have a boy of five years old;

His face is fair and fresh to see;

His limbs are cast in beauty’s mould,

And dearly he loves me.

One morn we strolled on our dry walk,

Our quiet home all full in view,

And held such intermitted talk

As we are wont to do.

My thoughts on former pleasures ran;

I thought of Kilve’s delightful shore,

Our pleasant home when spring began,

A long, long year before.

A day it was when I could bear

Some fond regrets to entertain;

With so much happiness to spare,

I could not feel a pain.

The green earth echoed to the feet

Of lambs that bounded through the glade,

From shade to sunshine, and as fleet

From sunshine back to shade.

Birds warbled round me – and each trace

Of inward sadness had its charm;

Kilve, thought I, was a favored place,

And so is Liswyn farm.

My boy beside me tripped, so slim

And graceful in his rustic dress!

And, as we talked, I questioned him,

In very idleness.

“Now tell me, had you rather be,”

I said, and took him by the arm,

“On Kilve’s smooth shore, by the green sea,

Or here at Liswyn farm?”

In careless mood he looked at me,

While still I held him by the arm,

And said, “At Kilve I’d rather be

Than here at Liswyn farm.”

“Now, little Edward, say why so:

My little Edward, tell me why.” —

“I cannot tell, I do not know.” —

“Why, this is strange,” said I;

“For, here are woods, hills smooth and warm:

There surely must some reason be

Why you would change sweet Liswyn farm

For Kilve by the green sea.”

At this, my boy hung down his head,

He blushed with shame, nor made reply;

And three times to the child I said,

“Why, Edward, tell me why?”

His head he raised – there was in sight,

It caught his eye, he saw it plain —

Upon the house-top, glittering bright,

A broad and gilded vane.

Then did the boy his tongue unlock,

And eased his mind with this reply:

“At Kilve there was no weather-cock;

And that’s the reason why.”

O dearest, dearest boy! my heart

For better lore would seldom yearn,

Could I but teach the hundredth part

Of what from thee I learn.

– William Wordsworth

Ask any father what he wants for Father’s Day, and the answer will be “Not another tie or golf club”. It’s easier to buy gifts for moms, considering there are so many options available for women. But when it comes to buying Father’s Day gifts for dads, it’s easy to run out of ideas. What will dads like to get on Father’s Day? Well, it depends. Does your dad like to read? Or is he one of those types who can spend hours with maps? Here are some ideas for great customized Father’s Day Gifts sure to please your dad.

Paul Banas was looking for a business idea that would allow him the flexibility to spend time with his family. Paul Banas is a founder of – a leading source of experience, recommendations, inspiration and advice for dads – delivered from the male perspective.

Giving Dad a Fathers Day Surprise

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The best gifts are the unexpected ones and no matter what you say, stats show that women are more likely to get mothers day gifts than men are to get fathers day gifts. This means that it’s highly likely your dad may have started to stop expecting a gift from you or he may no longer think that you’ll ever get him a half way decent gift.

It may not be your fault how all the dads in the world think but you can change the way your dad thinks by giving him a surprise on fathers day. Giving dad a surprise can either be easy and fun or really hard and nightmarish. If you continue to shop and buy gifts for dad the same way you always have then not only will it be hard to surprise him but it’s likely that finding something original will prove impossible. Usually when you shop for gifts for dad, you try and wow him while failing to realize that your big (and sometimes backfiring) gifts are a bit overwhelming and may be even useless. Dad doesn’t need to go trekking or mountain climbing, he’d much rather prefer a quiet activity at home. You can throw him a party instead, it’s got that wow factor and your dad won’t expect it. It also doesn’t require him to do anything involving exercise. Parties especially for him are usually on his birthday so to get a fathers day party will not only make him feel loved and appreciated but it’ll give him a nice chance to unwind (and also stop being jealous of the gifts you give your mom).

Parties may not necessarily be up your alley, or you may live out of state and be visiting dad especially for fathers day which means that you won’t be able to organize a party, you can send him a surprise gift. No ties, golf clubs, or tennis lessons; Think basic. If dad likes getting a huge cake on his birthday, he’s equally likely to enjoy gifts like fathers day gift baskets or fruit bouquets. They have that special delighting effect that a birthday cake does only it’s healthy and way more delicious. Fruit bouquets are fresh fruit arrangements made from a huge fruit variety like strawberries, pineapples, apples, oranges, oranges, grapes, bananas and much more.

Giving dad a surprise gift is not only going to make him really happy but it’s also going to revive his faith in the fact that his kids still care about him.


Many companies sell unique fruit bouquets and?edib gifts; they roll out new lines of their products for special occasions like mothers day and fathers day. Try something different this year and buy a fruit bouquet for your dad. Fruit bouquets come with chocolate sauce.

Father’s Day Gifts – What Should I Get For the Special Dad?

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Father’s day gift ideas: mug, tie, golf club, t-shirts, grilling utensils, any new ideas? Sure! In my experience, you want to get dad something he’ll use and enjoy. Key word = ENJOY. Commemorative stuff using photos and engraving is very heartfelt, but you can’t do that every year and you’ll run out of shelf space. Here are a few great ideas for the man who already has everything:

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1) Does your dad have boat or just like to sail? Check out some nautical-themed gifts like barware. Chances are he doesn’t own a large collection, and he’ll enjoy sipping a stiff drink out his double old-fashioned while sailing the high seas.

2) How about a bar in general? Does your dad sport one in his basement or out on the patio by the pool? Check out some themed barware to suit his style–there are plenty of gifts to choose from that can be delivered to your doorstep, like an actual mobile tiki bar or a cowboy hat ice bucket. Both fun and functional, and encourages dad to let loose a little and enjoy life!

3) Maybe your dad isn’t much of a drinker. That’s ok! What does he like? I know my husband is geeky and anything in the Apple store will suit his fancy. I’ve had great luck in the past just walking in and talking to one of the salespeople. I tell them the hardware he has and they showcase all the cool new gadgets he can use. Something your dad might like is an iTrip or something similar, so he can play his iPod or iPhone through the car stereo. There are plenty of variations of this device, so make sure you ask around at the store.

4) Sports fan? Get him tickets to a game. Maybe you don’t live close to a big stadium so how about an amateur team nearby? Amateur baseball games can be a lot of fun, cost less, and are family friendly. You may even be able to get a group together and have a bbq before or after. You dad will definitely remember the game day in his honor.

5) My thoughts on coupon books. Ahh, the age-old coupon book. You and the kids make one giving dad specific chores and fun stuff he can cash in on. However, in my experience, dad rarely cashes in on all his coupons. In my opinion, the best way to give him something is to just do it. Sneak his car out early in the morning and have it detailed (you’ll have to be creative with the logistics on this one if you want it to be a surprise). Maybe there’s some big chore he’s been meaning to get around to and keeps putting it off because it’s a big, yucky job. Hire someone to do it for him. A great surprise would be to leave the house for the day and have it done when you get back! Obviously, time and money can be a big factor in this gift, so be resourceful and only spend money you have. Don’t rack up debt on a father’s day gift as this may cause him more stress than satisfaction.

Overall, try to tap into dad’s fun side and find him something he’ll enjoy. Remember, as tempting as it is to get him something YOU want him to use (like a yoga mat, unless he’s into that, by all means get him one!), this is his special day.

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Fathers Day Gifts That will Surprise your Husband

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

It may be extremely cute when you take shirts and add your kids’ handprints on it as a gift for your husband as fathers day gifts. The drawings that they make for their dad or the picture collages are a fun memory but in all honesty they’re gifts from your kids and not from you. Your husband always gets you flowers at the least for mothers day and it’s unfair, not to mention it’s downright unappreciative that you won’t get him something.

If you haven’t been buying your husband a gift it’s never too late to start. You might have a bit of a hard time finding a good gift for him because there are very few things available that are specifically meant to be fathers day gifts. If you think you’ll find an easy solution like your husband does by giving you flowers, you’re going to be disappointed. You’re likely going to come across the usual suggestions to buy your husband a new shirt, or a golf club or to sign him up for something. Don’t fall for it. This isn’t the time to start getting your husband to try new stuff, a fathers day gift is meant to appreciate a man’s role as a dad and all these gifts are equivalent to being given a toaster or a cookbook for mothers day.

What will help you buy a good gift for your husband is the element of surprise. Even if you’ve been giving him a fathers day gift in the past but it’s been the routine sports or auto stuff (sometimes just a gift certificate to have the car waxed), a change will work to your advantage.

Change doesn’t mean that you sign him up for dancing lessons instead of tennis ones, it means that you break away from these traditional boring gifts and give him something he can enjoy. He’s bound to love anything food related, you can either cook him a special meal (much like getting breakfast in bed on mothers day) or you can order him a special food treat like fathers day gift baskets or fruit bouquets. Fruit bouquets are fresh fruit arrangements made with strawberries, pineapples, oranges, grapes, bananas and all sorts of other fruits.

While you husband may be expecting to add yet another tie to his already piling collection, he’ll actually be getting a fun surprise.


Many companies sell unique fruit bouquets and?edib gifts; they roll out new lines of their products for special occasions like mothers day and fathers day. Try something different this year and buy a fruit bouquet for your dad. Fruit bouquets come with chocolate sauce.

Top 4 Ways to Drop Hints About Father’s Day Gifts

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if your family is like most, they’ll be slinking away over the next few days to pick up a last-minute gift for the man of the house. You might think that hasty Father’s Day shopping means that your gift may not be as thought-out as you’d hoped, but at least you’ve got a few extra days to drop hints and campaign for that perfect present.

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While circling items in catalogs conveniently left open about the house may work for a mother pushing for the ideal present, your magazine is more likely to be mistaken for the December 2009 issue of the Sporting News and be tossed out rather than scanned for gift ideas.

So, fathers of the world, you’ll have to work a little harder if you want to portray just how badly you want that new set of golf clubs, box of cigars, or permission to doze off on the couch without someone jumping on your stomach or tying your shoes together.

Consider the top three ways to hint at the Father’s Day present that would make your year:

1.) Use your kids’ lunches: A secret that most mothers know, but dads may be unaware of – if you pack your kids’ lunches, they actually take the time to read the notes you leave them. Presumable the same will work for a list of things dad’s need to feel loved.

2.) Guilt: Pull out the birthday gifts that kids no longer use, and the earrings that you bought your wife, but she never wears – and muse, aloud, at how you’d never let such an endearing present go unused.

3.) Sigh mournfully every time you see an iPad. When possible, get others involved and spout gems like, “Wow, doesn’t Phil look so loved and respected over there with his new iPad?”

4.) Refuse to go to work until you get a new TV: Really put the pressure on and show how much you’re worth with a good-old-fashioned standoff.

Follow these rules, and you’ll surely feel appreciated this Father’s Day. And if they don’t work, feel free to hide under your bed, throw a temper tantrum and defiantly claim – “This is the worst Father’s Day ever!”

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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Fatherâ??s Day is fast approaching and trying to find the perfect gift for dad isnâ??t always an easy thing to do.  But donâ??t be discouraged, dads are actually easy to buy for and generally appreciate any gift given to them.  The trick is getting him something that he actually wants and can use.  Instead of getting him another tie, find gifts that spark his interests and show how much you care. 

For example if dad loves to golf, get him a gift that will not only help him with his game but will also allow him the luxury of spending more time actually playing the game he loves.  New golf shoes, shoe bag, new golf clubs, paid membership to a golf course of his choice or even a divot tool and ball marker are all items that he will not only use but you know he will appreciate. 

Finding the perfect gift involves knowing what his likes and dislikes are.  You wouldnâ??t buy a weekend spa package for the rugged outdoors type anymore than you would buy a rifle for the man who appreciates the fine arts or theatre.  If youâ??re unsure as to what exactly he wants and you donâ??t want to give the surprise away, you can always purchase a gift certificate.  Gift certificates are not as impersonal as some may think, this way he can choose exactly what he wants, you can even go with him and spend some quality time together and best of all he wonâ??t get stuck with something that will just sit around and collect dust.  Another item I found while looking online was a choose your own adventure gift certificate that allows dad to choose the kind of getaway he would like, which not only gives him something to look forward to but is the kind of gift that is sure to please and is also very thoughtful. 

Other gift ideas include:  dinner at a favorite restaurant, personalized beer mugs or steins, personalized decanter set, new BBQ grill, a cover for his new grill, weekend getaway with or without the kids, big screen TV, new BBQ tool set, a new Ipod, blackberry or palm pilot complete with a personalized protective case for his new toy, tickets to a concert or favorite event that he has been wanting to attend, tool box, gardening tool set, hammock or hanging chair or even a chess set.  These items come in a wide variety of styles and colors, some items are even made to include his favorite NFL team emblem for the die hard sports enthusiast.  All you need to do is figure out which item he would enjoy the most, look on the internet to find the gift you want to give and buy accordingly. 

Items that can be personalized are more than a truly unique gift idea; personalized items tend to become treasured keepsakes for life and with so many items to choose from there is sure to be one that is perfect just for dad.  Personalized gift ideas include:  wallets, business card cases, briefcases, watch box, valet tray, leather travel bags, grooming kits, passport case, terry robes, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, cufflinks, wooden bar signs, crystal or marble plaques and last but not least a meaningful poem or a framed name meaning picture or plaque.  Personalization makes an everyday item memorable and truly unique as no two are ever the same. 

This Fatherâ??s Day make sure dad knows how much he is appreciated.  Whether you buy him a gift or just spend some quality time together, he will love your thoughtfulness and proudly display his gift for all to see.  The true art of gift giving comes from inside each of us, make sure his gift is not only something that is meaningful and special but also shows dad how much he is loved and that way youâ??ll know you have found the perfect gift.
Happy Shopping :-)

Angelique writes articles for helping shoppers find gifts, providing shopping tips and how to benefit from personalized gifts, promotional products, and awards.  Her work is sponsored by Wealthwood Father’s Day Gifts and Blog Wealthwood.

Father’s Day Celebration Idea’s For Fathers Day 2010

Friday, July 30th, 2010

In less then two weeks Father’s Day is coming up, and its time for the father’s day celebration ideas to start out flowing. Because that means it’s time to get dad arrange whatever he wants to set for his special day. So as you plan your father’s day celebration ideas make sure the special man in your life-time feels loved in appreciated by everyone around him. It could be a day of golf, family line BBQ or maybe just a relaxing day of whatever it is that dad would like to execute. I have 10 ideas to make your celebration great.

Surprise Adventure-Try planning a trip just for the day to one of his favorite places or somewhere he has always wanted to see. Leave some small hints for him like “bring in your golf clubs” or “carry your swimsuit” then head out for the day.

Backyard BBQ-Nothing could be better then being surrounded by all your favorite people and your favorite foods. You should have a menu with all of his favorites. If dad is a grilling chief allow him swank and buy him some grilling tools you can find some ideas in the link below. But if dad doesn’t want to organize anything just give him the day off. Plan a house friendly game at the BBQ of badminton, boce ball or croquetFind a recipe for a yummy double cheddar cheese burger.

Dad’s Day Out-If your dad loves golf, then set up a tee-time for hime and a couple of his friends. Make sure his friends are open first though. Permit him enjoy his day playing some golf on his favorite course. If at all possible, you can arrange for a lunch for him and his favorite frosty beverage that’s prepaid for him at the 19th hole.

Father’s Day Olympics- For those competitive natured, sport loving dads plan a day of “Olympic” style events like water balloon toss, strong man competition, and relay races.You can even make silver, bronze and gold to give to the top three athletes of fathers day.

Breakfast in Bed-Get dad sleep in and take some luscious breakfast to him in bed. Everyone in the house can help devise a meal for dad. Look up a great breakfast recipes online so dad can feel really special.

A Show of Appreciation-You can put on a show for dad. Everyone in the family unit can enact there favorite things they love about dad. If you dad has a sense of humor you can set a light hearted “roast” don’t embarrassed him or, you can have everyone in the house express their gifts to dad on fathers day.

Kin Photo-If your whole family unit is at the celebration, dot hesitate to seize the moment and update you house photos. Take as many shots as you can in various poses that will captivate the moment. Another helpful hint for your fathers day celebration ideas is to employ a tripod so everyone can be included in the picture.

Car washing-Surprise dad with a car dry wash inside and out. This is great for the kids it’s inexpensive and easy. He would be happy if he could sweep it off his “to-organize” list!

Game Tournament-Pull out the kin board games if the weather is bad outside on fathers day. card games and games like charades are also fun for the family unit.

Picnic in the Park-Plan a assemblage at your favorite lake front or local park. If you combine your celebrations with other families, coordinating a potluck with the favorite of all the dads attending.

The most important part is to allow the men in your life sentence know how special they are.
Weather its a simple card or a big party just make sure tey will feel appreciated.
After all without dad there would be no us.

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Fathers Day Cards and Gifts for Your Husband

Monday, July 26th, 2010

You probably remember your kids asking you if it’s okay to get daddy a funny card for fathers day and saying that it’s alright but you may not have read what the cards say and left it to your kids judgment to pick something that’ll make dad laugh but you’ll be both shocked and surprised to know that what the kids actually got was a card with a sarcastic remark or two about how dad always sleeps through the weekends.

Kids will be kids but what this means is that you don’t take any interest in fathers day even though your husband must do a ton of things for you for mothers day including craft projects with the kids. One thing you need to start doing is telling your kids that the point of fathers day isn’t to make fun of him but to appreciate him for all the support he’s given to the family all these years and that giving him cards or anything else that makes fun of his habits isn’t the way to do it.

The next thing you need to do is get involved and find a fathers day gift for your husband.  Don’t think you need to get him something huge because you never got him a fathers day gift before just find something that he’ll like. Think of how simple things like flowers on mothers day really make you happy; happier perhaps than even jewelry. You shouldn’t panic because you can’t get him that new golf club or if you can’t afford tickets to some game, try something that’s just as simple but affectionate as flowers.

You can’t actually give a guy flowers through so you need to try one of his less complicated interests and the easiest one of them all is the love of food. You could cook something special for him and he’d definitely notice the effort and appreciate it. Have a family dinner (immediate family only) on fathers day, nothing makes a man happier than food and the entire family eating together. If you don’t think cooking a meal qualifies as a real gift; try looking for edible gifts like fathers day gift baskets or fruit bouquets.

Fruit bouquets are fresh fruit arrangements that look like flowers. They’re made in all sorts of fun containers like NASCAR themed race cars, basketballs and golf balls. They’re a nice gift for the guy who likes sports, they’re food related so you can’t go wrong and what’s best is they’re easy on the budget.


Many companies sell unique fruit bouquets and?edib gifts; they roll out new lines of their products for special occasions like mothers day and fathers day. Try something different this year and buy a fruit bouquet for your dad. Fruit bouquets come with chocolate sauce.


Give Dad a Father’s Day Golf Gift Basket

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Dear old Dad gets up at 6 am to take you to hockey practice on a Saturday after a long week at work, or to take you to figure skating at the rink after a rushed dinner. Don’t you think he deserves something extra special for Father’s Day? If you see and understand all the sacrifices parents make for their kids every day and really appreciate it I’m convinced most kids should be holding a parade in their parents honor. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but after all they put their kids first, they show you how proud they are, they help you learn and teach you how to make some good decisions in life.

For now, with Father’s Day just a few days away the good decision you need to make is selecting a Father’s Day gift. Since his idea of unwinding is a round of Golf you can take this theme and use it to work your gifting magic. It would be hard to select something as personal as clubs and some men just have preferences on the items they use to play but a Golf Themed Gift basket can offer up some unique gift ideas they will certainly enjoy. Things Dad would certainly never buy for himself but will get a kick out of for sure like Golfers Fortune Cookies, Golf Ball Magnet, Golf Cooler Cup, Funny Golf Ball Markers, “I Love Golf” Note Pad, and an Ice Cream Pint of Tees. Top off the collection with some distinctive and yummy snacks and what Dad wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this package to the front door on Fathers day?

Another great feature of the gift baskets is for those that live far away, these can be delivered to Dad and you don’t have to anguish over how to mail it or when you will have time to make the drive. Don’t wait until the perfect moment has passed to show Dad your appreciation for all he does!

Need that perfect gift for that special someone? Send a themed gift basket to their front door! With various themes to choose from, there is sure to be one that will suit their taste!