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Tiger Woods Was Unsure About When To Return

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Tiger Woods reentered public life on Friday morning with a prepared statement delivered at PGA Tour headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. By turns solemn, shaky and defiant, Woods repeatedly apologized for the “irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in.” Woods told both his audience and a riveted TV viewership, “I know I have bitterly disappointed all of you. I have made you question who I am and how I could have done the things I did. I am embarrassed I have put you in this position. For all that I have done, I am so sorry. I have a lot to atone for.” 

Dressed in a blue blazer, Woods had glassy eyes and his voice was occasionally shaky, but he displayed a more characteristic fight in defending his wife, Elin Nordegren, and demanding privacy for his family during his 13-minute address. Woods did not offer any details about the car crash in the early morning hours of Nov. 27 that touched off the tabloid feeding-frenzy and ultimately devoured his image as a clean-cut family man. 

But alluding to speculation that a quarrel with Elin may have precipitated the smashup, Woods said, “There has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage. Ever. Elin has displayed enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal. Elin deserves praise, not blame.” Talking directly to the media, Woods said, “Whatever my wrongdoings, for the sake of my family, please leave my wife and kids alone.” 

Tiger Woods offered few clues to a golf community that is anxious to know when he will return to action. Acknowledging that he has been in therapy “receiving guidance for the issues I was facing,” Woods said that “starting tomorrow I will leave for more treatment and more therapy.” He added, “I do plan to return to golf one day. I just don’t when that day will be. I don’t rule out it will be this year.” 

But this solemn gathering was about Woods’s failings away from the golf course. Woods rightfully acknowledged that he has a long way to go to regain the trust and respect of his family, friends and fans. 

After completing his statement on Friday morning, Woods haltingly walked to the front row of seated guests and embraced his mother in a long, teary hug.


Woods is Working his way back to tour

Elin shows support for Tiger woods by wearing Nike

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Round Rock Texas | Information About Forest Creek in Round Rock Texas

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Round Rock homes are priced about eight percent below the area market. In addition, property taxes are lower here, as is the general cost of living. So you can afford more Forest Creek Home for your money and still get all the great recreation, golfing, education, outdoor activities, and the local entertainment scene. Forest Creek homes for sale run from just under $200,000 to around $600,000. There are lots of different sizes and styles to choose from in this beautiful planned community. Don’t miss your chance to have affordable golf club community property while maintaining close proximity to the city and countryside as well. In addition to lower cost of living, great schools, and amenities, your Forest Creek home will be situated in one of the safest communities in the country–Round Rock was recently named the 13th safest city with populations between 50,000 and 100,000.

To see ALL houses for sale in Forest Creek visit the Forest Creek page on our Round Rock Real Estate website.

Forest Creek is situated in the nationally acclaimed Round Rock School District. Round Rock ISD boast several accomplishments including:

National and Texas Blue Ribbon Awards
Greater Austin Quality Awards
The Eighth Annual School System “What Parents Want Award”
Two “Recognized” ratings from the Texas Education Agency
Eleven National Blue Ribbons
Fourteen State Blue Ribbons
And 81% of its High School seniors take the ACT and SAT, scoring well above the national average
International Baccalaureate Schools
Texas Education Association (TEA) Gold Performance Acknowledgements
The Best Public Schools in Texas – Texas Monthly
America’s Best High Schools – Newsweek
America’s Best High Schools – US News and World Report
Texas Business & Education Coalition (TBEC) Honor Roll 
Expansion Management Education Quotient
Just for the Kids High Performing Schools
Texas Mentor School Network
National PTA Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence
University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence

Forest Creek is situated in the nationally acclaimed Leander School District. Leander ISD boasts several accomplishments including:

Forest Creek Schools are: 

School District:                 Round Rock ISD
Elementary:                     Forest Creek   

Middle School:                  Ridgeview       

High School:                    Stony Point

Major Employers:


Dell Computers


Cisco Systems

Abbott Labs


Farmer’s Regional Office


Sun Microsystems

Links of Interest:

Shopping:  La Frontera, Lakeline Mall, Round Rock Prime Outlets


St. Davids


Scott & White

Area Links

Marriott Hotels


Forest Creek real estate is so diverse in style, design, and price that you will have to see the neighborhoods for yourself. If the homes aren’t enough to convince you, remember the superb schools, nearby recreation and amenities, and Austin area jobs. And don’t forget the Austin entertainment scene. There is a reason Austin is called the Live Music Capital of the World. It has more performance venues than any city in the U.S., and Austin City Limits is filmed right at the University of Texas at Austin. It also boasts great festivals for both music and film, and the city is filled with artists and artisans of all kinds who line the streets with their creativity.

Tim Kress writes articles for Round Rock Real Estate. Other articles written by the author related to the #1 REMAX Team in Austin and Round Rock Real Estate can be found online.

Top 4 Ways to Drop Hints About Father’s Day Gifts

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if your family is like most, they’ll be slinking away over the next few days to pick up a last-minute gift for the man of the house. You might think that hasty Father’s Day shopping means that your gift may not be as thought-out as you’d hoped, but at least you’ve got a few extra days to drop hints and campaign for that perfect present.

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While circling items in catalogs conveniently left open about the house may work for a mother pushing for the ideal present, your magazine is more likely to be mistaken for the December 2009 issue of the Sporting News and be tossed out rather than scanned for gift ideas.

So, fathers of the world, you’ll have to work a little harder if you want to portray just how badly you want that new set of golf clubs, box of cigars, or permission to doze off on the couch without someone jumping on your stomach or tying your shoes together.

Consider the top three ways to hint at the Father’s Day present that would make your year:

1.) Use your kids’ lunches: A secret that most mothers know, but dads may be unaware of – if you pack your kids’ lunches, they actually take the time to read the notes you leave them. Presumable the same will work for a list of things dad’s need to feel loved.

2.) Guilt: Pull out the birthday gifts that kids no longer use, and the earrings that you bought your wife, but she never wears – and muse, aloud, at how you’d never let such an endearing present go unused.

3.) Sigh mournfully every time you see an iPad. When possible, get others involved and spout gems like, “Wow, doesn’t Phil look so loved and respected over there with his new iPad?”

4.) Refuse to go to work until you get a new TV: Really put the pressure on and show how much you’re worth with a good-old-fashioned standoff.

Follow these rules, and you’ll surely feel appreciated this Father’s Day. And if they don’t work, feel free to hide under your bed, throw a temper tantrum and defiantly claim – “This is the worst Father’s Day ever!”

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Basketball in Austin: All you need to know about the Austin Toros

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

If youâ??re a basketball fan in Austin, Texas, youâ??re in luck. The Austin Toros are a minor league basketball team located in Austin. They play their home games at the Austin Convention Center. Although theyâ??ve only been located in Austin for the past four years, this team has quickly become one of the best forms of entertainment in the city.

The Austin Toros originally started as the Columbus Riverdragons from Columbus, Georgia. The franchise was awarded to Austin in mid 2005. By August, the new name of â??the Torosâ? was revealed along with the official colors â?? red, blue and gold. Recently the team was acquired by the San Antonio Spurs and the team colors were changed to silver and black to mimic the Spursâ?? colors. They became the second Development League team to be purchased by an NBA team.

On February 22, 2007, the Toros head coach Dennis Johnson had a heart attack and died shortly after a work out with the players. An interim coach was used for the rest of the season and then Quin Synder became the head coach for the following 2007-2008 season.

The Toros are part of the NBA Development League also known as the NBA D-League. This league is the NBAâ??s official minor league system. It is used as a place to develop talent to move up into the majors. The Toros are part of the Western conference along with the Albuquerque Thunderbirds, Bakersfield Jam, Idaho Stampede, Los Angeles D-Fenders, Reno Bighorns, Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Tulsa 66ers and the Utah Flash.

The 2009-2010 season will run through April 3rd, 2010 with 25 home games in the season. Tickets are available through the official Toro website in many different forms. Season ticket holders get tickets for every home game with reserved seating, discounted parking, playoff priority tickets and 10% off of all merchandise. Group tickets can also be purchased at a discount for church groups, youth groups, clubs and more groups. Groups can also arrange for a visit from the mascot â??Toro the Bullâ? and recognition over the loudspeakers. Individual game tickets go on sale each October.

Attending a Toros game is a great way to see future NBA stars in the minor leagues. For example, five players from the 2007-2008 Championship season were asked to participate in NBA training camps and advancing to the major leagues.

In addition to providing entertainment to Austin residents, the Toros also take part in local charity events. In October 2009, the Toros will team with Southwest Key Programs to sponsor the Fore the Kids Golf Classic to take place on October 19th at the Grey Rock Golf Club. The tournament will start at 1:30 pm and will be followed by dinner, awards and a live auction. The Toros staff, mascot and dance team will be part of the daysâ?? events.

Austin residents can catch a game at the Austin Convention Center. Get your tickets from the website or by calling the convention center directly.

Joe Cline writes articles for Austin real estate. Other articles written by the author related to Lakeway real estate and Austin Texas real estate can be found on the net.

Things You Should Know About Moving Companies

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

If you’re planning your next big residential move or office move, you’re becoming aware of the issues involved in transporting a house or office full of belongings, furniture, and people. In the back of your mind, you’re thinking that you can do this by yourself and yet some of your valuable property might probably be damaged during the move. Part of the cost of moving? On the other hand you could hire a moving company and know that they do this sort of thing everyday and have all the people and transport equipment to get things done efficiently.

When faced with the cost of hiring a moving company for a cross-town move, most people will round up their relatives, friends and even neighbours to get their property loaded up to the moving van or into a moving pod. In some cases, that’s fine, yet given how mobile many people, families and businesses are today, you can only rely on your friends and relatives so often. You’ll wear out your welcome if they have to take several days off of their precious free time to help others move. If they’re getting older as most people are today, they’re not going to appreciate the possibility of getting injured while carrying your heavy property items such as sofas, fridges, beds, tables, TVs, and desks.

The work involved in moving isn’t for everyone, yet professional moving companies are skilled in making moves go smoothly, from planning, to safe packaging to trouble free transport.

Moving to Florida

My sister and her family are in the process of moving to Florida where she and her sons will join her husband who is now working there. They will be using a big moving company to manage the logistics of the move. All she and her sons have to do is drive down to Florida. If we had to help them with the move and pack up a house full of furniture, kitchenware, bikes, golf clubs, hockey equipment, baseball equipment, fishing gear, desks, chairs, TVs and computers, it would take two days. Even then, I don’t think we could pack it properly in the moving van or truck. It would undoubtedly shift during the trip despite our expert rope tying tricks and special packing system. The truth is, we don’t know what we’re doing, and their furniture would be all banged up with loosened or broken legs when they opened the moving van doors down in Sarasota.

That’s when the ugly surprises happen. When you find your TV doesn’t work and your family heirlooms are going to need some serious “crazy glue” repairs, you get angry with yourself for not being cautious. For the sake of a few dollars, your belongings get damaged and their appearance is diminished. If you have a plasma TV, you can kiss it goodbye if you try to pack it yourself.

Yes, everyone is upwardly mobile these days and the task of an international, interstate, or cross-town move is on many to-do lists. One way to cross off the details of that big project is to hire a professional moving company.

Professional Moving Services

Big national movers offer a wide range of move planning and related moving services. They can handle all relocation services from reserving the moving van to packing your property to helping you with childcare and real estate related services in the city you’re moving to. These relocation services shouldn’t be underplayed. If you’re on your way to a strange city or a foreign country, you’ll need a little help in making the adjustment. You may need to store your belongings while you’re gone and these companies usually have big temperature and environmentally controlled storage warehouses and units that can keep your property clean and dry over long periods of time. Contrasting that with having your belongings collecting mould in someone’s basement or garage.

Moving firms have relocation specialists that handle these projects frequently. They know what you’re going through emotionally and in terms of preparation. They can help in many ways. As an example, they provide home marketing assistance including home disposition and in the home-sale process, and even property management. For employee transfers to new cities, they can coordinate the details of managing the employee’s property until the employee returns home. They can find short-term housing for the transferee, and find a new home for them. These real estate related services include area orientations, broker selection, negotiations, pre-purchase appraisals and closing.

You’re no doubt a smart, capable person and can master all of these transaction issues at your new location, however, if you’re moving to a new job in a strange city, how will you find the time? You can only handle so much stress and you’ll need support in your new hometown.
Let go of your image of moving companies as a bunch of sweaty, strong guys that push furniture into the back of a moving van. These companies plan and carry out moving tasks in a professional manner and offer moving and relocation services that will help you and your family better adjust to your new location. It’s important to get off on the right foot in your new home location. You’ll have schools to find for your children and you’ll be spending time just discovering how to get to your new work place and around town.

On office moves, you will have strict times and locations by which you can manage your move. Certainly, your staff can assist in the transfer and organization however; it is best to have a professional handle the logistics and moving from office building to office building. You can avoid damage and hard feelings towards employees who were trying to be careful before they dropped something.

International Moving

For your next International move, interstate, local and office move, call a professional moving firm such as Humboldt Storage & Moving Company.

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Coming Out of the WOOD(s)work Is Not About Golf

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Maybe not tomorrow or next month, but right now if you go to the website for TLC vision, you will see Tiger Wood’s smiling face, dressed up to play golf, and being quoted that he choose TLC for his vision correction and now he sees 20/20 without glasses.  While it is impressive that  LASIK has helped to make someone who had extremely bad vision (the advertisement says he was -11.00 which is really extreme) now have vision so good that he can be perhaps the best in the world, it was not really TLC that fixed his vision.  TLC is a company which is actually a corporation that began in Canada, and owns a chain of laser vision correction centers throughout North America.  One particular doctor, who happened to work at TLC did correct Tiger’s eyes, and that does not mean that every one of the dozens of doctors who have done surgery at TLC would have been chosen by Tiger Woods nor does it mean that anyone else operating at TLC would have gotten the same results.  But this is not the real problem with celebrity endorsements.

The real problem is that unlike everyone else who has to pay for LASIK, Tiger was paid, and paid a lot to have his LASIK at TLC and to provide an endorsement.  This makes public a private matter that TLC corporation could use to promote their centers with him as their “spokesman”.  He does not mention anything about this in his endorsement, and we are left to believe that he just wanted to let us know how happy he is because he is such a stand up guy and grateful for the results that have helped him to see so well and make so much money playing golf and thus allowing him the freedom to provide endorsements for other things, like Nike who pays him really big bucks.  We are not just buying the fact that he can now play golf so well after LASIK, we are buying that he selected TLC, that he has good sense to pick the best, and he can afford to go wherever he wants.  Now we know, he doesn’t have to afford to go to TLC since they paid him, and he really does not have the personal integrity that makes us necessarily respect him.  His decision of where to go for LASIK and the “deal” related to his endorsement was probably formulated well before a laser ever touched his eyes.

Likewise, in Denver, another LASIK center has another celebrity endorser, this time it is an ex-football player, John Elway.  Do you think that Mr. Elway paid ICON laser centers to have a procedure at their facility?    Is John Elway, who is a local football hero, a person of high personal  integrity who we can believe will tell us who to see for LASIK as a true reference or is he a person who will tell you what car to buy because he is associated with a car dealership with his name on it?  I respect John Elway both as an athlete and as a businessman.  I do not respect his paid endorsement of a laser center.  In this case I do not know if he is really paid, or how much, and if I am wrong and it is coincidence that his image is now on every ICON advertisement and their website, then I apologize.

One thing that ICON and TLC have in common is that they are both businesses owned or operated by people other than the folks who actually perform the vision correction surgery.  LASIK surgery is not something that can be packaged neatly and franchised like a hamburger.  When they said medicine is an art, they were not kidding.  It is in fact kind of like golf.  Think about it.  Every golfer has a similar set of clubs and they all play on the same course.  They even swing the clubs in a very similar manner.  Yet, some golfers are really good at consistently getting the ball where they want it to go and others are not quite so good.  Kind of like artists with a paint brush in their hands, some are masters, some are not.   Fortunately, doing LASIK is a little easier and more predictable than playing golf but here is my point.

Do not depend on the paid endorsement of anyone when making a choice about something as important as a medical procedure.  Ask for real references of actual patients who are not paid for their opinion and who were treated by a particular doctor and at a particular clinic, since the other personnel that work at a facility are also critically important to your success.  Even in franchises, everyone knows of some places are better than others.  Ask your own eye doctor about their opinion when it comes to LASIK as who they would go to or send their family members to and rely on these types of opinions as genuine.

Unfortunately we as a society place certain people on a pedestal because we can be conditioned to believe that the intelligence, character, and judgment of an athlete or celebrity is flawless since they are the best of the best in some aspect of their lives.  While I am not saying in any way that Tiger Woods made a bad choice in going to the doctor and having the procedure that he did, I am saying that this should not translate into an overall endorsement for all of the people associated with choice, especially when he was paid to make that endorsement.  My personal opinion is that what Tiger Woods does in his personal life is his own business, and we the public should only be involved in what he does on the golf course.  The reason that there has been such a strong reaction to his dalliances is that most of the money he makes is based on his image, not his golf.  So when the image is tarnished, so are the products and services that he represents.  I am suggesting that even before his image was blemished we should take his and all other celebrity endorsements only for their true merit.

Dr. Dishler is the first doctor to perform LASIK in Colorado, the first doctor to offer blade free LASIK in Colorado, and is a consultant, lecturer, and inventor. He is involved with several FDA studies and answers questions related to laser vision correction online.

Learn About Buying Golf Clubs For Kids

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

So you think your child is the next Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie? Or maybe you simply wish to share the game of golf with your child? Either way, getting kids started in golf can be confusing even for the seasoned golfer, especially when it comes time for buying clubs for kids.

Buying golf clubs for kids is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of buying an adult set and simply cutting down the length. Adult clubs have heavy shafts and heads that will make it even harder for your child to enjoy the game. Any good set of golf clubs for kids will have lightweight heads, light and flexible shafts, and smaller grips, all of which will help your child make better contact and get the ball airborne more easily.

Before buying golf clubs for kids that come in an entire set, it is advisable to see if your child is truly interested in pursuing the game. Golf can be a difficult and frustrating game. It is widely held in the golf industry that for every adult taking up the game, there is another who quits in frustration. A good way to judge your child’s interest before buying golf clubs for kids is to start with one or two clubs. Unlike adult clubs, buying golf clubs for kids means you can frequently buy them individually as well as in sets. For a small investment you can purchase a single iron club (like a seven iron), and a putter, and then head off to the local practice green or pitch-and-putt course.

Once you feel confident that your child is interested and committed to learning golf, then it is time to consider buying golf clubs for kids that come in a full set. However, unlike a typical set of fourteen clubs found in the golf bags of most adults, buying golf clubs for kids in a set does not need to be so extensive. Depending on the age and strength of your child, the ideal set of golf clubs for kids could be as small as three clubs. (A high lofted fairway wood, seven iron, and a putter are ideal for a young child). As your child continues to grow in size and strength, they will need to add additional clubs to their ideal set of golf clubs for kids.

Remember, as your child grows they will grow out of their clubs just as they grow out of their clothes. Buying golf clubs for kids that are a properly fitted set is imperative if you want your child to have the proper equipment, so be prepared for buying new golf clubs for kids every one to two years.

Whether buying golf clubs for kids that are individual or one of the complete sets of golf clubs for kids that come with a golf bag, the important thing is to share the game you love with your child by providing them with equipment that will help them get the most from their experience.

For easy to understand, in depth information about golf visit our ezGuide 2 Golf.