Vacationing to a Better Lifestyle

After a long week at work you need to get away from the everyday stresses of life. When you get home the kids are running around, the laundry needs to be done, and you need time to prepare for next week’s board meeting. You wonder, when will it all stop and when will you have a minute just to sit down and relax, maybe read a book or a magazine. The answer could be right in front of your eyes. Take a vacation! Get the family together for some much needed quality bonding time, finally get away from the office, and have some fun! Vacations even help improve life expectancy, relieve stress, and maybe even revamp a relationship told by various studies (Life Clever, 2008). Choose a place that is nice and quite, not to big that there are tons of tourists, but not to small where there is nothing to do. How about Aruba, that’s my first pick, just like the other one million visitors that Aruba attracts over a span of a year, which over ninety percent are American.

With the sun shining and the trees lightly swaying in the wind, you look around and wonder what you will be doing for your week vacation in paradise. Aruba, known as one happy island, has become increasingly more popular as the years progress. “The sand is softer, the water is warmer, and overall hospitality just rocks” exclaimed one of Aruba’s returning American vacationers (Government of Aruba, 2008). This small island measures nineteen miles long and is about the size of Washington D.C., but has tons to offer for the entire family. With various water sports, five star restaurants, and shopping to die for, Aruba is the place to be. When I was last visiting Aruba, my family and I rented a car for the day and went from one side of the island to the other. As I looked around I saw the distinct difference from the “vacationers” side of the island to the side were the actual Arubans live. There is such a difference it is unbelievable. The vacationers side looks luxurious and beautiful, with its fancy hotels and extravagant beaches, but the other side looks dull and some parts even looked like the shacks you would see in Mexico. It is interesting to learn that although Aruba looks like the ultimate vacation spot, it puts most of its money into its hotels and resorts rather than is civilians. Fortunately for Aruba, most vacationers only see the luxurious side of the island, and that is why they keep wanting to go back for more.

Knowing a little about where you are going to be traveling and how it can potentially better you lifestyle is always a good idea. Some interesting facts about the wonderful island of Aruba is that it was originally founded by the Caquetios Indians, but is now a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Divided into eight different regions, the proud Arubans speak the native tongue, Papiamento which is a mixed language of  Spanish, Dutch, Portages, African, and Native American. The population is around one hundred thousand from sources of (The US Government, 2007). Aruba built up its population by people migrating to Aruba for its gold rush in the nineteenth century, its oil boom in the twentieth century, and most recently, its significant increase with tourism. With an average temperature of eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit, come ready with your sun tan lotion because Aruba is only twelve miles south of the equator and has very strong sun rays between eleven am and three pm. Staying in Aruba will not only allow you to relax and get a nice tan, but expand your diversity and better your understanding of other cultures. I believe that this is especially important to Americans. More and more families don’t just want a vacation that you lay on the beach, they want and educational trip for their children as well.

Another aspect that is important to potential travelers is the cost of airfare to Aruba. The cost of airfare varies from the time of year departing and the destination you will be leaving from, for example I decided to choose a vacation in June departing from New York City on Jet Blue airlines; this airfare will come to about two hundred and fifty dollars a person, which isn’t bad considering a round trip to California at this time can cost nearly four hundred dollars. This affordable vacation won’t leave you penniless and will reduce the stresses and worrying you will have to do because of the increasing gas prices or the problems the economy is having in America.

The next thing you might want to know about before planning your ideal vacation is what you can do once you get there. For the family you can take a look at a little of Aruba’s history. Rent a car for the day and travel a couple miles up the road to Aruba’s one and only lighthouse. There you can relax and watch the sun set while enjoying a great dinner at its new restaurant. Also, you can take a semi- submarine tour to see a sunken ship surrounded by coral and tropical fish. You can also visit Aruba’s natural bridge, located more on the local’s side of the island, that consists of an old rock formation that has been worn away by the waves and has become a bridge made of rocks and sea shells. If you are more into the fun in the sun activities, you can go snorkeling, banana boating, parasailing, tubing, or rent a jet ski, along with many other water activities. If you’re vacationing as a couple or feel like leaving the kids at a kid’s club at your resort and need some time alone, many men enjoy the beautiful golf courses located through out the island while the women are off shopping either in town to get dainty souvenirs or through more of the “back streets” were some of the finest jewelry can be found. Also, adults can enjoy the casinos, clubs, and “booze cruises” that Aruba has to offer. Having something fun to do while being on vacation is very important to American travelers. As you can see from the graph below taken from a 2007 article in the Denver post, Americans have the least amount of paid holiday and personal vacations. This increases stress levels and leaves anxiety to build up over time. Because of this, when Americans do receive the chance to take a vacation they want to get away from every day stresses and be able to relax and just have fun.

Being comfortable on vacation is always a pleasant thing. Aruba has been known as one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. With close to no crime you can always feel safe while you and your children are running around playing on the sandy beaches. Known for always having a smile on their faces, Arubans are very hospitable and that is why Aruba is known as “One Happy Island.” This is also one of the many reasons that Americans decide to go to Aruba for vacation. When at home many get sick of always having to deal with crabby hospitality. In Aruba you seem happy, you are relaxed because you are on vacation, and you can just enjoy your time. This is why Aruba is my number one choice of vacation. While there, there is such a warm feeling around. You always have the aspect of people being nice and friendly to you. Since I always stay towards the tourist part of the island I know that I will be in good hands.

Americans in today’s society are traveling to the Caribbean islands more than any other countries population. In 2003 over two hundred and seventy million Americans summer vacations were taken, and the numbers seem to be continuing to increase despite the down fall in our economy. Many have chosen to travel to Aruba. Being a quiet getaway, many see this as the perfect place to go for a nice relaxing and some what affordable vacation. Unfortunately many Americans believe that steering away from vacationing out of the states will help them in the long run, whether financially or otherwise, but it is a proven fact that vacationing can increase your life expectancy up to twenty percent as State University of New York showed (Life Better, 2007). This is because of the reduced stressed levels that help lower your nerves and let you age more slowly. I think that every American should take at least one vacation a year. Every one deserves a little time off, even if you cant go all the way to Aruba take a day trip to the beach or a nice hike in the mountains. Every little bit will help!

Aruba is the place to go for that dream vacation you have been wishing for for years. With the perfect beaches and a breeze in the air why wouldn’t you want to go there? Low rates, superb shopping, and excellent hospitality is what keeps travelers always coming back for more. It will lower your stress level and you may even live a couple extra years. I’ve been to Aruba over a handful of times, and every time is more enjoyable than the last. From hanging out on the beach with my family to hitting the shops and incredible night life with my friends I can’t wait to plan my next vacation to Aruba, and you should strongly consider it as well. Take a break and plan your summer vacation, who knows you may find that it is something you want to do every year!




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