How to Get Golf on the School Curriculum Without Going to the Golf Course

Children are exposed to a variety of sports from a young age at school, at after-school clubs and at school-holiday activity breaks. Trying a range of sports enables them to discover where their talents and passions lie.

But the range of sports being offered is hardly comprehensive and children arenâ??t really getting the chance to try everything â?? including one of the most important games that is even being considered for the next Olympics â?? golf.

The problem is that it is completely impractical to take kids en mass to a golf course, which means that golf is one sport kids all seem to miss out on as part of their physical education.

The solution then is to provide something that offers an indoor golf coaching system; something that feels real and that gives the children the opportunity to properly swing a club and take a shot, and then see how theyâ??ve done.

An indoor golf training aid that gives instant feedback would enable schools and sports clubs to introduce students to golf without even stepping outside the sports hall. It would need a scoring system to provide the opportunity to make the coaching competitive â?? very important where children are concerned because adding an element of competition always increases concentration and dedication.

Whatever golf coaching aid is chosen, it must be possible to use it safely in a confined space such as a sports hall. It must have a scoring system and give instant feedback so that it is ideal for schools and activity centres wishing to add golf tutoring to their curriculum. It will eliminate the need for trips to the golf course, and make the sport accessible to everyone at school, at the sports centre, at the gym or even at home.

Maybe the next leading lights in golf are in your class or members of your sports club? How will you ever know if you donâ??t give them the opportunity to try the game? Get kids playing golf â?? indoors in your sports hall â?? as part of the sports curriculum. Our future sports personalities may depend on it!

Paul Thornley is a PGA Professional, golf coach and director of Targetline Limited. Targetline is an indoor golf system which offers the ultimate indoor golf coaching solution for schools, sports clubs and activity centres. It is widely used by golf industry pros and amateurs worldwide as an indoor practice and training aid. It can be set up in minutes, used safely in any confined space, and is compact for storage. For more information visit:

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