Golf Tips- 5 Fun Tips for Teaching Golf to Kids

Golf tips for teaching golf to kids should always revolve around making sure that the kids have fun. Sure, it would be great if your son became the next Tiger Woods, but golf should be treated as a game, not a life or death struggle. These 5 tips will ensure that a child learns golf and enjoys it at the same time!

Tip 1) Keep Your Instructions Simple

If a parent is a golfer themselves, they have a tendancy to be technical about elements of the game. Trying to explain concepts like “tempo’ or “swing plane” will only confuse a child. A confused child is easily frustrated. Start by taking the child to a driving range, and start practicing putting. The child will gain confidence by successfully making contact with the ball.

Next, teach the child how to chip the ball. This is a good second step, because chips require little backswing. The child has a good chance of success striking the ball.

Finally the child will progress to the driving range area. When instructing a child on a full golf swing, it is important to make sure they keep their feet on the ground, watch the ball, and strike it. Keep your golf tips on taking a full swing VERY simple.

Tip 2) Let The Child Progress At Their Own Pace

One of the best golf tips I ever recieved as a child was to practice most frequently the parts of the game that I enjoyed most. This advice ensured that I would stay with the game long enough to see success. Once I saw success with the elements of the game I enjoyed most, I ventured out to practice new areas of the game. Never push a child to improve too quickly. Patience is the name of the game with children.

Tip 3) Have Fun!

Once a child senses that golf is no longer fun, they have a much greater chance of losing interest. Try to structure competitive, but enjoyable games. It is important to make sure that all the children are winners. Constantly praise and encourage the participants.

Tip 4) Use Good Judgement In Purchasing Golf Equipment

Buying a child expensive golf equipment is a risky decision. Children tend to lose interest in new areas very quickly. The wisest decision is to purchase a used set of clubs intended for women. The clubs will be light weight, and easy for a child to control. If the child has demonstrated that they will continue to play golf, professional instruction might be appropriate. Just make sure the child is getting golf tips from a pro who has lots of experience teaching kids.

Tip 5) Teach Golf Etiquette

Children should learn golf etiquette very early in the teaching process. They should understand very basic rules such as standing still when another golfer is striking the ball. Certainly they should learn never to speak when a fellow player is putting etc.

Hopefully, these golf tips for kids will enhance the possibility that a child will not only get involved with the game, but enjoy it as well!

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